Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hugh Hewitt – Another to Add to the List of People Who Don’t Respect the Voices of the People

This is why the GOP needs to rethink its debate schedule and why the RNC should take over the operation of the debates and exile Cain, Johnson and Paul as well as every other candidate without a prayer of winning. (Santorum is a long shot, but he has a realistic though small chance of winning the nomination, while the others do not.) The seriousness of the fiscal crisis requires the GOP and its candidates to act seriously, and allowing marginal candidates to eat up time and distract from the enormous problems facing the country is not serious.

Gingrich and Romney sensed this and wisely avoided this event. Governor Pawlenty who needs to build name ID and a donor base probably has no choice but to attend them all.
I really like Hugh Hewitt and I generally agree with most of what he says. This I absolutely don’t agree with. It is not up to the RNC who gets into the race. It is up to the individual following the laws and the rules to enter. If a candidate files the paperwork and pays the fee, he has every right to enter the race. We should never be shutting down speech. We need to encourage as much free speech as possible. We also need to give the voters as many different points of view so we are sure we are picking the right person. On top of the fact that he putting Gingrich in a higher level than Santorum or Cain is simply laughable. Cain was the winner of the debate by most standards.

I don’t want the RNC making the decisions on who can enter a race, especially for president. One of the reasons that we are in the mess that we are in is because of the establishment GOP supporting people like Lindsey Graham. We get to decide who wins a primary. The RNC should be doing nothing to interfere with this process. We all know that they do, but they shouldn’t be.

Shame on you Hugh.


The Conservative Lady said...

I agree with you 100%. I don't even send money to the RNC because I don't trust them to use it for the most conservative candidates, why would I want them choosing the candidates for a debate? If we don't hear from all of the candidates, how can we make an informed decision. The losers will come out in the wash as time goes on. First one getting washed down the drain is Gingrich. I can't see him rehabilitating himself very easily.

Chris said...

Totally agree. Sometimes I feel like there is an invisible hand pushing us towards the "it's his turn" box on the ballot.. but we've seen where that has lead us.

The Heathen Republican said...

I see Hewitt's point because the SC debate wasn't really a debate; more like a panel interview. But I agree with you that we need to see all the candidates... At least early on. There might come a time when it's time to drop the hangers-on and focus on the viable candidates, but that time isn't now.

Other thing about Hugh that annoys me is how far in the tank he is for Romney. I think he's the only media person on the planet that liked his health care speech.

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