Monday, September 3, 2012

What About Our Families Mr. President?

CNN has done documentaries on both Gov. Romney and President Obama.  The one for Gov. Romney I thought was well done, very fair and balanced.  The one for President Obama has not aired yet.  It will be airing tonight at 8pm.  Today in an appearance on their Sunday morning chat show, Jessica Yellin revealed that President Obama has not done more outreach to republicans because he wants to spend more time at home as a family.  I give him a great deal of credit for wanted to be a hands on dad.  That is a wonderful thing.  I mean that sincerely.  He brought those two girls into the world and he is responsible for them.  They deserve to have a childhood.

I was given more than a little grief when I stuck up for Malia's trip to Mexico last year.  Malia and Sasha go to a private school that is very involved in social justice.  Once you reach middle school there is a week called minimester, the week before spring break, no classroom work is done.  You spend the week doing community service.  Every year the school does some of that community service oversees.  Malia went on the oversees trip to Mexico.  Many on the right went crazy, calling it a waste of tax payer money.  My opinion all along was that she had the right to her childhood without the media glare and people who have never met her or care about her making decisions about her life.

I also took a great deal of crap for saying that I didn't think that Sarah Palin should have run for president this year.  I feel that Trig and Piper are too young to be in that type of fishbowl.  I firmly believe this.  People that have very young children should not be in The White House.  Simple things, such as trick or treating become next to impossible with the amount of security that is involved.  I said this about President Obama four years ago.  His daughters are too young.

I am sorry Mr. President, if being a hands on dad was the priority for you at this point in your life, you should not have run for president.   We didn't come to you.   You worked hard at convincing people who you should be one to get that job.  You announced for president in February 07, a full 21 months before the election.  Your youngest child Sasha was only 5 years old at the time.  You didn't think then that you needed to be home evenings and weekends?

Again, I applaud the fact that he wants to be there for his children in a way his own father was not for him.  Wonderful.  But, Mr. President what about our children?  We have had high unemployment since you have taken office.  People have lost their homes.  People are working two-part times jobs to make ends meet, because they can't find a full-time position.  Poverty is rising around the country.  People on some form of government entitlements is at an all time high.

The job of president is 7/24/365 position.  You are always on call.  Everything that you and your family does is put under a microscope.  Your privacy is limited as your schedule is reported daily.  We have the right Mr. President to someone who is going to put all of his energies into the job.  I am sorry, but the job of president doesn't leave much time for a private life.  If you wanted a private life, you should have chosen another position.  While it is unfair, I don't care about your families needs.  I care about my own.  Your promises to the people during your campaign was that you were going to change the acrimony that goes on in Washington.  You were going change the tone, do things differently.  You never mentioned during that time that you wouldn't be going out and doing what needed to be done because you would rather spend time playing video games or whatever you do during your family hours.
I stand by my past comments of people with young children not running for President.  It isn't fair to the children, and it isn't fair to me.  You have spent the last four years saying that the republicans wouldn't work with you, they have been nothing by obstructionists.  Well, Mr. President it takes two to tango.  It is such a shame that your dance card was full.

Even Jessica Yellin at CNN asked:
“If this was such a priority, why didn’t he do it? You can carve out one night a week to go out and socialize and reach across the aisle.”
Apparently not.  I am sorry, but this comment shows full well why this man doesn't deserve re-election.  Our families are far less important than his own.  He begged for this job, the least he could have done was made an attempt to do what was necessary to do it well.


Opus #6 said...

The family thing is just an excuse. I'm not saying he didn't spend time with his family. He spends a lot of personal time. Watches ESPN, runs his microbrewery in the White House, golfs incessantly.

But the obstructionism in Washington came straight from him. And Valerie Jarrett. When the winds changed across the land, Obama/Jarrett doubled down on socialism at home and opposite day abroad. These folks have an agenda and they will not compromise.

Too bad they got 4 years to fester in the White House.

net observer said...

Is there a politician who speaks pure truth?

This is gonna be one heck of a political season. The jobs report Friday could very well shape the narrative for September, one way or the other.

Janie Lynn said...

*snort* The president of the United States doesn't GET to say - oh - I need to spend more time with my family. It's not part of the job, unfortunate as that may be. At least when it comes to possibly not fulfilling your presidential duties. What a load of crap, really! How low will he stoop!?

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