Friday, September 28, 2012

The Obama Lies Continue - $18,000 for Birth Control?

Do people really buy into this crap?  How can people allow themselves to be so manipulated by lies?  It is simply mind blowing.

For those who want to deny this comes from the campaign, notice the bottom right corner.  This comes from the campaign website in their ecard section.

So in the past 24 hours we have an Ohio woman who believes that Obama gives her a phone.  She seems to not understand that people who actually pay for their cell phone pay a fee that goes into a fund to pay for her "free" phone.  This fund was put into place before Obama took office.  Now I find out that birth control costs $18,000.  Why would you vote for man who so blatantly lies to you?


Frank Koza said...

It looks like they're either adding up 18 years of costs at an estimate of $1000 per year or estimating average total lifetime costs. Whatever their method, it's all certainly just made up numbers anyway.

Here's some more juicy "info" for ya:

LL said...

Can I have my $18,000 for a lifetime supply of condoms? Yes, I'm older, but you (the taxpayer) need to reimburse me for past 'fun'.

It's ok, we're not borrowing money from China or Russia anymore. The Federal Reserve is buying all of our bonds (we're buying debt with money we print). So the condom money won't be coming from the Worker's Paradise.

Thanks, just paypal the money to by e-mail address...

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