Saturday, September 22, 2012

R.I.P. America - Our Stupid Electorate - Video

I realize that their constitutionally speaking we can have no test to vote, but I don't think the founders ever envisioned this level of ignorance, stupidity, and apathy.


Sarah said...

Absolutely pathetic

LL said...

One person - one vote.

Toqueville said that the republic will last until politicians figure out that they can bribe us with our own money. But I don't think that Toqueville figured on the general level of stupidity of high propensity Democratic Party voters.

The Conservative Lady said...

That is unbelievable. Do you think these morons can actually find their way to the polls?

net observer said...

As pathetic as this sounds, in all fairness, this a tactic that Stern, Leno, Maher and others have used throughout the years to demonstrate the stupidity of the American people -- more often to embarrass the right.

I seem to recall Maher or one his colleagues doing some thing like this to both sides earlier this year. They interviewed Mississippi GOP-ers and NYC Dems and clearly they were focused on the dumbest ones they could find.

Unfortunately, it's just not that hard to find stupid Americans willing to speak loudly and boldly to the public at large.

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