Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Is Mitt so Wrong? - Videos

This debate is worth having.  Mitt was done a favor.


LL said...

It's important to understand that Obama's socialist agenda calls for radical wealth redistribution (which means radical loss of jobs). The parasites (Democrats) are howling over Romney's assertion that more people have to be "brought into the big tent" of capitalism to generate jobs.

Because they either don't understand how it works or don't want the steady flow of "other men's bread" to stop.

net observer said...

It's a very critical, "must-have" discussion, but only within an honest, serious context.

Too many Americans think they're entitled to stuff..."just because". Too many envious non-rich Americans want to penalize "the rich" (esp. the ones they disagree with politically)..."just because". Too many Americans don't seem to understand the relationship between energized, individual-oriented, free trade, and, a prosperous society.

But Romney is in error when he says/suggests/implies that 47% of Americans are inescapably brainwashed into dependency and that such people generally represent Obama's supporters. Ridiculous, but even if that were true, how does Romney explain those in the remaining 53% who remain in Obama's camp?

There are numerous reasons why many working non-dependent Americans -- some life-long Dems, some ex-GOP's, some independents, etc -- aren't supporting Romney. But only a serious, honest conversation can explain why or how to change that.

Is Romney willing to have THAT conversation?

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