Monday, March 21, 2011

The Road to the White House - Herman Cain

This is a very in depth interview.   If you want to know why I love this man, put it about 13:20 and listen to about 19.23. 


LL said...

In the same way that people voted for Barack Hussein Obama because of his race -- people will vote against Cain because of his race. I hate to suggest that people are just that shallow, but they are.

The racial and racist stain of the Obama presidency will make it difficult if not IMPOSSIBLE to put a black man in the White House anytime soon IMHO. I know that it's politically incorrect to say that, but I don't care much for 'correctness' in this regard.

Black people were dealt a severe blow when the empty suit won the election, but they didn't know it. The Obama Regime has been bad and racist at every possible level and people of all races will lump another black candidate for POTUS together with Obama.

Anonymous said...

I hope not, because that guy has got it down pat.

Hugh said...

I believe that Herman Cain would be a fantastic president. I'm leaning towards a Cain presidency.

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