Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bloggers Beware of Crazy Authors Before Doing Book Reviews

There is a blog Big Al's Books and Pals that does book reviews.  Well, the author of one of his reviews didn't take too kindly to his opinion.  While Al seemed to like the story very much he said that it was difficult to read due to poor writing skills and typos. 

The author Jacqeline Howett really has lost her mind.  She is not only attacking the reviewer, she has lowered herself to attacking the other commenters.  She has gone as far as telling people to "Fuck off" not just once but twice. 

She keeps insisting that there is nothing wrong with her writing, but sadly she is only proving the reviewer correct with her bad grammar and typos.  It is really quite amusing. 

What happened to being polite?

Why read the wrong copy? that don't make sense.

This is not only discusting and unprofessional on your part, but you really don't fool me AL.

Who are you any way? Really who are you?

What do we know about you?

You never downloaded another copy you liar!

You never ever returned to me an e-mail

Besides if you want to throw crap at authors you should first ask their permission if they want it stuck up on the internet via e-mail. That debate is high among authors.

Your the target not me!

Now get this review off here!
She also seems to believe that she has the right to see the review before it is published.  You should read the thread it is quite funny, yet sad.  When you put yourself out there for public review you are not going to agree with everything that is said about you.  If you need a chuckle click on over and take a look. 


LL said...

As a writer, I appreciate criticism, but really don't like to be chopped into. However, better to remain mute on the subject and fume in private.

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Opus #6 said...

You might as well criticize somebody's child if you really want to get a personal reaction.

But I agree, if giving criticism, best to give it to people with at least a modicum of self-control.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

I am not a bit surprised. When you have male HS students calling female teachers 'sexy chocolate' and that they need to be together because 'I can teach you things' nothing is off limits.

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