Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Hill's VEEPStakes

The Hill has compiled a list of hill contenders for the role of VP Candidate next year. 

Sen. Kelly Ayotte

New Hampshire

Too new, very few people know who she is.  But, she would put NH in play and that would be positive in her column. 

Rep. Michele Bachmann


While Bachmann is a tea party favorite, the party looks at her like a loose cannon.  She also didn't help herself with her recent gaffe on historical references.  Especially since that was such an easy thing to fact check.  Her staff should have done a better job.  Minnesota could be put in play with her on the ticket and if the nominee is a moderate she would be a good choice. 

Sen. Scott Brown


The tea party is not jazzed with him.  He has little to no chance to put MA into play for the republicans.  The only way this would work is if the nominee is a staunch conservative he could even out the ticket to attract the indies. 

Rep. Eric Cantor


His voting record has been all over the place.  I don't see how he brings anything to the ticket. 

Sen. Jim DeMint

South Carolina

He is the opposite of Scott Brown.  The only way he makes sense is if the nominee is a moderate and I don't see him accepting the VP slot with a moderate.  His views are very staunch and I don't see him wavering on his principles for ambition. 

Sen. Ron Johnson


This is ridiculous choice by The Hill.  The guy has virtually no experience. 

Rep. Kevin McCarthy


He adds nothing really to the ticket.  The chances of him bringing CA to the GOP is about nill. 

Rep. Kristi Noem

South Dakota

Very inexperienced.  She is better off staying where she is.  She is the future of the party.  She also adds nothing to the ticket either. 

Rep. Ron Paul


While he has a rabid following, he is widely viewed as a nut. 

Sen. Rob Portman


This is a possibility because of the importance of Ohio.  He is experienced, but the problem is that most of his experience comes from the Bush administration. 

Sen. Marco Rubio


Rubio is probably the best on the list.  He comes from an important swing state, has a great deal of tea party support yet has been able to keep a certain amount of distance from it at the same time.  He will help with the Hispanic vote. 

Rep. Paul Ryan


Ryan is still very young.  He is not interested in the big chair right now as he feels his children are too young.  So, this may be premature for him.  He is a policy wonk, he would wipe the floor with Biden in a debate. 

Sen. John Thune

South Dakota

He decided to forgo running for the big chair, so this may be the opportunity for him to raise his profile.  His biggest problem is that he adds nothing to the ticket being from South Dakota. 

Sen. Pat Toomey


Another very staunch conservative who doesn't feel the need to waver on his positions to please other people.  Which would make it hard for him to run with a moderate.  PA will be an important state and he could help deliver it. 

My question is why isn't this guy on the list?

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