Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tea Party Patriots Go A Step Too Far

The North Iowa Tea Party put up this billboard.  A huge mistake.  First, I am always against Hitler comparisons.  I find them to be the silliest thing.  Hitler was a mass murderer, and Lenin was no better.  So the comparison is simply silly.  I am not being naive, I realize that anything can happen in this world, even the United States.  But this is still beyond the pail. 

A new poll taken by a democrat firm shows that the country is waking up to the fact that socialism is part of the Obama agenda, 55% now believe that.  This is something that tea party activists and conservatives have been waiting for since he took office.  The realization that what we talked about during the run up to election was based on something more than fear and/or racism as the media has portrayed it to be.  This takes that a step backwards. 

The reality is that no campaign can be won without bringing the independents into the fold.  This is one of the surest way to turn them off.  If we are to bring our country back from the brink of bankruptcy and from a European style socialism educating people on the ramifications of the socialistic type policies that Obama/Reid/Pelosi are imposing on the American people is vital.  This does not make that argument.  This is comparing him to mass murderers.  Not an accurate description of what he is. 

I fully understand that Hitler had similar type of economic policies.  That is a fair thing to discuss, except for the fact people don't think economic policy when Hitler is put into the equation, they think Holocaust and Jews burned in ovens.  If you want to make a discussion about economic policy make one that people will actually understand.  Talk about what is happening in Europe, more specifically Greece.  This is something that people can understand and will be more willing to listen too. 

By putting up this billboard people that may have been willing to listen have now walked away.  This is not the time to be off-putting voters that are vital to changing the make up of Congress in November.  We need to be drawing people in, not sending them running in the other direction. 

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