Saturday, July 24, 2010

Seriously Rethinking that Apology to Shirley Sherrod

I, like most other conservatives, felt that Shirley Sherrod was owed an apology after the full tape was released. She was labeled a racist and lost her job for a statement that was edited. At first glance, it seemed that she was treated unfairly, both by conservatives and by Andrew Breitbart.

I posted an apology as well as a warning of what can happen when the race card is used. It is an insidious way of dealing with people. So, the media has decided to turn Ms. Sherrod into some sort of hero. Well, her comments that she has made this week prove that she is no hero. Even during the full speech she says things that are, at very least, race baiting.

She says that God had changed her heart and made her see that it wasn’t about skin color; it was about helping the poor. But, she went on to talk about how the republicans were against Obama due to his skin color. Again, I really want someone on the left to look me in the face and tell me that I, a fiscal conservative, would like the exact same policies if Obama happened to be white. You wont find one, because they all know that it isn’t true. But sadly, the insults and the accusations keep on coming.

No one can say for sure if Breitbart made an honest mistake or he did it on purpose. Your point of view on that will more than likely rest on what side of the aisle you happen to fall politically. But, I think we can all agree he made a mistake releasing the video the way he did.

None of that excuses the remarks that Ms. Sherrod has made since then. She has called the people who are fans of Breitbart of being racists. She also blamed her firing on Fox News. Fox News didn’t run the story until after her resignation had been already announced. So, what exactly is FNC guilty of? I would have to say nothing. Howie Kurtz of CNN and The Washington Post did an article on the timeline of the events of that day and Fox can in no way be blamed.

She has further embarrassed herself by saying that Breitbart wants to go back to the days of slavery. Where in the world is the evidence of that? The chances of him getting to the position he is in at this point in his professional career with that level of racism in his heart is not very good. I am not saying it is impossible, but it indeed unlikely.

There are now many in media that have turned this woman into a hero. A title she in no way deserves. Some are even suggesting that she should be promoted, which just blows my mind. A woman who has made public statements this week that proves that she does indeed still view life through the prism of race doesn’t deserve to be promoted because those views have been exposed. I am willing to say that she is not a racist, having issues with race and being a racist are two different things, but indeed she has issues with race. Is she willing to say that I am not a racist? I think not, after all I am a republican, a tea party member, and I happen to like to Breitbart. Those are three very serious strikes against me as far as she is concerned.

Hey Shirley, you want to see a man that really has gotten past looking at black and white take a look at him:

I guess all the white people in the audience are just faking the love they are showing to Allen West. 


Anonymous said...

Ms. Sherrod is certainly correct in calling Breitbart and several Fox newsanchors race-baiting provocateurs. From Beck to Hannity to Megan Kelly, Fox continues to provide a forum for media figures who suggest implicit and explicit bias on the part of the Obama administration, continue to attempt to smear him with the contradictory labels of fascist and marxist, stoke the "birther" controversy and tell Americans that a race war is on the horizon.

If this cadre of right wingers would stick to critiquing Obama's policies with facts instead of painting him as an alien, unamerican saboteur, if they would stop stirring up controversies suggesting that black people are going to institute white slavery, perhaps Ms. Sherrod could reassess her judgement concerning Fox, Breitbart and co.

Anonymous said...

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The Conservative Lady said...

Allen West is a Patriot and I wish I could vote for him.
(I see the anonymous trolls are out this morning.)

Just a conservative girl said...

You obviously don't watch Fox if that is what you think that they are doing. Beck is anti-birther, he makes fun of them as a matter fact.

You are excusing her statements that don't have a basis in fact and justified them with additional statements that are factually inaccurate. I have never heard anyone say anything about white slavery.

How soon you have forgotten the fascist and nazi references that were made about Bush on a daily basis. You also don't read my blog, as you would know that I don't make those references, and I call them out when I see them.

Ms. Sherrod made statements about the tea party during her speech; we are racist because we don't like his policies. At that moment she didn't expect it to be all over the television and blogosphere. Those are her views; views that she had long before this week. You can deflect the blame all you like, but her statements are there for everyone to see.

Matt said...

The general narrative is that we're racists. It doesn't matter what we actually say or do, they have to apply the smear. It's all they have. Their agenda is failing on all fronts.

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