Sunday, July 11, 2010

Have the Republicans Learned their Lesson?

Congress spends tax payer funds like drunken sailors.  One of the reasons that we are in the mess that we are in, is because the Republicans lost their way when it comes to fiscal responsibility.  They have been telling us for the past two years that they have learned their lesson. 

This little nugget makes me wonder.  Congress spends so much more money than any of us realize.  They have duplicate programs and offices after duplicate programs and offices.  One of which is called House Republican Policy Committee. “develop sound legislative ideas into meaningful legislation.”  is the idea behind this position.  Sounds fine except for the fact that their are two other offices that do pretty much the exact same thing; House Republican Conference and the Republican Study Committee.  Not only that, all the top leadership offices have staff (that are very well paid, by the way) that work on policy as well. 

The cost of this office to the tax payer is only tiny fraction of the federal budget (about $360K annually), but this office has been in existence for more than 60 years; it starts to add up after a while.  Most families in this country live on much less.  The ranking member of this committee is Thad McCotter (MI).  He has decided to put this office on the chopping block and his reasoning is to show the American public that they are serious when it comes to reduce spending and get our budget under control. 

The problem is that the leadership doesn't want to give up this office.  Why?  Apparently appointment to head this committee is used to reward a close ally or even to appease someone who may run against you for a leadership position.  Eric Cantor and his deputy Kevin McCarthy are not willing to bring it up for a vote in the republican caucus to stop the funding of the program. 

So one must question have they really learned their lesson?  Let's hope so, because this country can no longer afford all of this out of control spending. 


Teresa said...

I hope so too. We'll have to hold all these Republicans' feet to the fire, to make sure they don't spend like drunken sailors again.

smitty1e said...

When the GOP has gone after a century of lousy Progressive policies with pliers and a blowtorch, they shall have demonstrated some learnin'.

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