Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Imploding Campaign of Charlie Crist

It is not just the poll numbers that are slip sliding away from Gov. Charlie Crist.  He has also lost top staff on his campaign for the senate.  His political director and his new media consultant have jumped ship for "new opportunities".  High level staffers don't leave a campaign for "new opportunties" unless they see the ship is sinking.  The latest polls have Crist trailing by as much as 18 points in the race for the republican nomination to the open senate seat.  Crist is the poster boy for the term RINO.  The tea party movement has rallied around the candidacy of Marco Rubio and was recently a featured speaker at CPAC. 

Crist and Rubio will be facing off at a debate on Sunday March 28.  The debate is being sponsored by Fox News.  Crist has suddenly become eager to debate and has asked for a second debate on Meet the Press; the Sunday morning news show on NBC.  Marco Rubio has been asking for a debate for months, so it is interesting that Crist has finally agreed. 

Crist has been badly hurt by being a big supporter of the stimulus package, although he is still defending the position.  Crist has recently said that the money saved 870,000 jobs in the state of Florida.  Hmm, according to the White House the stimulus created or saved 1 million jobs.  So I guess according to this logic that 87% occurred in Florida.  He may want to rethink that number. 

Crist has also been quoted as saying that there is no way he is going to lose.  I sincerely hope for his sake that he doesn't believe that, it just isn't so.  Marco Rubio will be the Republican candidate for the Florida senate seat.  Rubio is the new face of the Republican party.  A staunch conservative that will stand by his principles. 


The Conservative Lady said...

Great post JACG. Crist is going down. I am really looking forward to the debates. Today I heard Jeb Bush hasn't actually come out and endorsed Rubio, but he did make a comment that he did not like the fact that Crist embraced obama over the stimulus bill.
That hug was the END of Crist. Amen.

Lucky Archer - Lakis Velotris said...

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