Friday, February 5, 2010

Black History Month - NBC Celebrates & Demeans All At The Same Time

 What, no watermelon on the menu?  How do they keep minorities employed there? 

H/T to Truth from a non-hyphenanted American


The Constitutional Crusader said...

Maybe it's on the dessert menu?

Just a conservative girl said...

Who knows. Why wasn't there anyone that thought to themselves this may cause a problem?

Soloman said...

I checked out Huffington Post's story on this, and the commenters there say this is all much ado about nothing.

Seems the chef who created the menu is a Black woman who was sincere in her belief that she was doing good by her heritage, and just thought she was offering good food.

I'll grant her that - she'd know better than would I regarding her heritage, and even this White guy loves fried chicken and cornbread done right!

Having said all that - my question is this:

If this same menu were served at Fox News Channel's cafeteria, how would the left react?

Just a conservative girl said...

The person who originally put this up is more than likely not a conservative. This what posted by the musician from one of the late night shows, and his comment was HR Anyone? I believe that he is sorry that he did it, but too late now.

Opus #6 said...

Somebody needs to tell NBC that there are bloggers who are waiting for opportunities like these to instruct. That a leftist musician saw this and called attention to it just goes to show you. Not all liberals are all bad all the time.

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