Thursday, February 25, 2010

Scott Brown is no Traitor

Much ado has been made about Senator Brown's vote for cloture on the "jobs" bill. While I do agree that it really is nothing more than another "stimulus" bill that has a different name, it should come as no surprise he voted yes for this.

During the campaign Brown called himself a Massachusetts Republican. The meaning of that should have been clear. New England republicans are no Jim DeMint's or Michele Bachmann's. I grew up in New England. While there are pockets of staunch conservatives, it is not the norm. Most people are center/left of center. That is the reality. The republican parties in New England states are different than they are in say the midwest or south.

All one had to do was to look at Brown's voting record in the state senate. It clearly shows someone who didn't have a big problem with spending, nor did he have a problem voting with the democrats. One of the core parts of his stump speech was that he believed in bi-partisanship. He also clearly said that he was an independent that would vote for what he thought best for the state of Massachusetts.

Who did he meet with the day after he won election? None other than John McCain, which speaks volumes. Senator Brown will serve a purpose for conservatives, but he will not be an ally in the same way that DeMint is. Brown will slow down Obamantion, but he will not stop it in its entirety. Had anyone thought that he would, was fooling no one other than themselves. Brown didn't betray anyone, he stood by the principles that he laid out for himself during the campaign. While I don't agree with his vote, I understand that this is what we should expect from him.


Opus #6 said...

Chalk me up as a trifle disappointed.

Otherwise, I think he will still be a better ally than Coakley would have been.

The Conservative Lady said...

This is a good article on the subject.

The Constitutional Crusader said...

Coakley wouldn't have been an ally at all. She clearly campaigned on higher taxes and the public option. The voters told her where to stick it, and now they're probably going to tell that to Brown.

Just a conservative girl said...

I did read something about this being a good political move for him, and it is considered a shrewd strategic move. I don't know how true that is. But what I find even more fascnating about everyone being up in arms, is the fact it would have passed without him. So in reality his vote didn't matter either way. Both Collins and Snowe (also NE republicans)voted for it, that was all they needed.

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