Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Conservative Dynamo Angela McGlowan For Congress

Angela McGlowan has announced her candidacy for the congressional seat in the Mississippi 1st. The seat is currently being held by Travis Childers, who won the seat in a special election in mid 2008. The seat had been reliably republican until the special election that took place after Gov. Haley Barbour sent Roger Wicker to the senate after Trent Lott stepped down at the end of 2007.

Angela is an energetic activist, author, CEO, and formerly under contract as a Fox News Analyst. Her very strong views of how minorities are being used by the Democratic Party are evident in her book Bamboozled: How Americans Are Being exploited by the Lies of the Liberal Agenda. She has been involved in the Tea Party movement; even speaking over the weekend at the convention that was held in Tennessee.

She is very certain of her views and doesn't mince words:

PRESS RELEASE – Angela McGlowan’s Anti-Incumbent Campaign Takes Off

Angela McGlowan Kicks Off Campaign for Congress

“Massachusetts was just the beginning, let the rebellion in the House of Representatives start right here in Mississippi”

Oxford, MS – Oxford native, author, and former Fox News Political Analyst, Angela McGlowan kicked off her campaign today in Mississippi’s first congressional district to take back the peoples’ seat in Congress and safeguard it against entrenched, incumbent career politicians. During her 5-city, 5-day tour of the district, McGlowan will visit with Mississippians in Oxford, Corinth, Tupelo, Columbus and Hernando.

McGlowan is the conservative pro-life, pro-gun, pro-small business Mississippi Republican who, at TEA Parties in Tupelo, Hernando and Memphis, has taken a high profile stand for working families against the liberal policies of President Barack Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, that promote big government spending, record national debt and excessive levels of taxation.

“In Massachusetts, the people rose up and reclaimed their seat in the U.S. Senate in an election that’s been compared to “the shot heard around the world,” stated McGlowan. “But that was just the beginning, let the rebellion in the House of Representatives start right here in Mississippi.

"From Oxford to Columbus, Hernando to Tupelo, we will take back the peoples’ seat in Congress and safeguard it against entrenched, incumbent career politicians. Together, we will declare to Barack Obama, and liberal incumbent politicians throughout Washington, D.C.: no more taxpayer funded bailouts of irresponsible banks, insurance companies and automakers that have already added over a trillion dollars to our national debt, no more taxpayer funded ‘stimulus’ bills, chalk-full of wasteful government spending, no more job killing, multi-trillion dollar tax increases.

“Instead, I will fight to balance the budget, significantly cut our national debt, lower taxes on working families, enact policies that reward small businessmen and women for daring to be the economic engine, job creator and backbone of our local communities, and make sure children get the education they deserve because education and economic development go hand in hand.

“And, let me be clear, no one will defend and promote our conservative Mississippi values more vigorously. You can depend on me to protect the precious right to life of the unborn, preserve the sanctity of traditional marriage, defined as the union between one man and one women, defend law-abiding gun owners from of each and every attempt by liberals in government to infringe on their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, and help make your families secure in the face of radical Islamic terrorists sworn to the destruction of our Judeo Christian values by any means necessary.”

Hmm, it wasn't all that long ago that the Congressional Black Caucus was talking about the lack of black legislators.  I wonder if they will be backing her candidacy? 

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DeaRose said...

Well that just rocks! Can't think of a better person! Go Girl!
Incumbents out and Patriots in 2010!

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