Thursday, February 11, 2010

Welfare Mom & Obama Voter Speaks

This is truly scary.  It is utterly amazing to me that this woman doesn't get the reason she is where she is because people like Obama are "taking care of her".  Stop smoking pot, take care of your kid and get your ass in school and your life will get better, really. 

Below I have listed a copy of a "hate mail" letter sent to my good friends at The Liberal Heretic. In the letter a welfare mom takes them to task for belittling her career choice of living on the taxpayers dollar. Let's read and then go over a few definitions.

I thought you were a bitch when I read your sight. Now I think you are a bitch and living in anohter world.

You said people should be responsable For themselves. Well all I wanted was some help raising my son, whose father walked out on me when he was 9. I deserve that much.

Thats why i voted for President Obama. He re[resents people like me. The courts gave me child support, but they didn't make my ex to see my son, or to see me. He was a good dad, I won't lie. He picked our son up every weekend and spent time with him, and i made the courts take my child support right out of his check so i always got tht.

In the mean time, I worked for a while at a restrant, and I didn't like it. I figured I was smart so I could go back to school and be a teacher or something. I went to school for a while and actually became a certified substitute teacher. Everything went good until the county (I'm not naming) set up drug testing and I failed because I sometimes smoked some pot when I got home, just to relax, but never when my son was around.

That county was full of shit. It couldn't have been in my hair sample because I hadn't smoked any of it in weeks. And its not like i would smoke it at school. So there is alot of injustise around and thats why we all voted Obama.

So anyways, my friend sends me your site and I listen to a radio show of yours where you make fun of welfare moms, and i want to tell you its not nice. I had to go on welfare because my sons father walked out on me, and I didnt do anything to deserve it. He owed me way more than child support but the corupt judge said that since we wernt legally married I couldnt get that. So ya I took money from the goverment instead. It isnt like its money from your pocket or any other right wingnut. so quit complaining about Obama. He is the best President we have ever had, and no matter what people like you say, it wont change that. he is going to help all of us who need help.

You dont so just quit wining.

We would be here all day if I went over all of her misspellings, so I will skip that and just go over a few definitions from The New American Welfare Mom Dictionary:

bitch- One who takes offense to another living off their hard earned money.

restrant- A temporary job one works at before they realize they're smart

certified substitute teacher- a certification which requires no knowledge of grammar or spelling.

injustise- when a substitute teacher is fired for smoking pot...soon to be eliminated by Obama.

welfare- money you get from the government when your babies daddy leaves you and a "corupt" judge doesn't award you all of his money...and you get fired from your teaching job for smoking pot...the money is "magical" in that it apparently doesn't come out of working Americans pockets, who evil wingnuts rumor are the employers of the government.

Obama- The best President we have ever had, who is going to help all of us who need help

This is a classic example of how Obama was elected. This is from an obviously undereducated woman who has no idea how the government and/or the courts work in our nation. She honestly thinks Obama and the liberals like him want to help her. On the contrary, they count on a continuing cycle where she and others like her will remain dependent on the same government programs their entire lives, thereby creating an uneducated class which will blindly vote them back into office so they can continue to receive their "government cheese" without having to work for it themselves. It's time to clean house this November Americans

H/T To Silent Majority No Longer


Soloman said...

Wow. Just wow.

"It isnt like its money from your pocket or any other right wingnut. so quit complaining about Obama. He is the best President we have ever had"

The scary thing is that there are so many out there who are being led to this pasture, and they just don't understand what is happening to them.

They see what they believe is "fair" because someone has indoctrinated them to believe it to be true, and automatically resist anyone who tries to tell them otherwise.

This woman may be very nice to interact with personally, and with some refinement could possibly be a contributing person in society, but clearly she is a perfect example of where America is headed if we do not take our nation back from Progressive liberals.

Opus #6 said...

I believe in work-fare, when at all possible. I have been hearing ads for CA gubernatorial candidates talking about the welfare/workfare issue. This lady needs to go back to work.

jill said...

And she was a substitute teacher. Good grief.

C said...

It's "Magic Money"! President O'Snap planted some "magic money beans" in Mo'chelle's toxic garden, tilled in some 96 proof Kennedy ashes and POOF! Magic Money Tree! Glad it doesn't come from any stupid taxpayers.

Just Me said...

It's really quite simple when you get right down to it; there are those who believe you earn what you work for and those who believe others work for what you think you deserve.

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