Sunday, February 21, 2010

Conservative Girl Adventures - CPAC Day 3 - Part 2 Glen Beck

CPAC 2010 came to a close last night with Glen Beck as the Keynote speaker. His speech was an impassioned one about his own trials and tribulations. He spoke about his own battles with alcoholism that caused him to lose virtually everything. He was broke; living in a one room apartment, his marriage failed which caused him to lose the everyday contact with his children. He had hit bottom. From this bottom he rebuilt his life. This was his “Come to Jesus” moment. The question that he was asking is that has the American government had theirs.

Beck didn’t hold back on republicans. He certainly wasn’t there to make nice to the GOP. And I say yeah. The GOP needs to hear that the problems that are going on in our country cannot be blamed all on one party. The truth is we are all to blame; the politicians who are out of control and the American electorate who sat by passively and allowed it to happen.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Beck without the chalkboard, which by the way got a standing O. His speech went into some history of the progressive movement, starting with Teddy Roosevelt. I read around some blogs that he is mischaracterizing Roosevelt’s presidency and ignoring the good things that President Roosevelt accomplished. As usual his point was lost on some. President Roosevelt accomplished some good things while he was in office, but a part of his legacy was the first building block of progressivism. That cannot be denied. My gosh, even Hillary Clinton has gone back to Roosevelt at different times throughout her career; a “modern day Teddy Roosevelt”. John McCain has been quoted as saying that Teddy is one of his favorites. Two progressives that start on different sides of the spectrum, but end up in the same exact place; out of control big government. Teddy Roosevelt was the President that took the first step towards big government in this country, leading us away from the founding principles of limited government that leads to individual liberty. The main point that Beck was trying to make was that party affiliation does not matter; it is the policies that matter.

He quoted the right’s beloved President Reagan and said it is still morning in America. We all just have to stand up and demand that our government start behaving in a way that will allow us to still see it.


Opus #6 said...

He was on fire. Especially at the end. I loved the way he described the Statue of Liberty.

The Conservative Lady said...

The speech was inspiring and I hope the GOP takes heed.
Glad you enjoyed CPAC. What a great experience for you. And the perfect year to attend...when conservatism is on the rise!

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