Friday, February 19, 2010

Conservative Girl Adventures - CPAC Day 2 Part 3

Anyone who has previously read my blog knows how much I heart Michele Bachmann.  I have a girl crush on her.  She was the person that I was most looking forward to today.  She came out looking as beautiful as she always does.  She started out with some jokes and talked about her state of Minnesota.  I believe it was her district that had the billboard of Bush with the caption "Miss Me Yet", so she put a slide of the billboard, and then discussed our out of control debt.  She then went into an article by Charles Krauthammer that appeared in The Weekly Standard in October of 2009; Decline is a Choice.  She then went into some interesting American history from both the revolutionary war as well as WWII.  How the history of our country shows that we have always chosen ascendency instead of decline.  It was a very impassioned speech, just as I expected.  Like I said, I LOVE her. 


Opus #6 said...

Ooo, ooo, ooo! I love Bachmann too! She ROCKS!

Obama wants decline. He attacks American business every chance he gets. He wants to redistribute all money to the shiftless.

Conscious Observer said...

Here here! Well put. There are some bright and wonderful women in todays politics and conservative movement. A lot are beautiful people inside and out! These are the type of role models I like my kids and grandkids to aspire to.

I’d like you to read my “I’m Back! Hey Gibbs…Read “my” hand” on Conscious Observer. It’s good to be back and joining the force again!

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