Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Let's Call a Rino a Rino - Romney Endorses McCain

Much has been made of Glen Beck’s keynote speech at CPAC. Bill Bennett, Mark Levin and Rush have all weighed in; saying he was too critical of republicans. Levin was especially unhappy that Beck didn’t hurl insults at the likes of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid; like name calling is productive. The gist of what Beck was saying was that a track record of policy initiatives and a proven voting record is what matters more than party affiliation.

Today the news broke that Gov. Mitt Romney has endorsed Sen. John McCain over J.D. Hayworth in the Arizona primary for the Senate seat. While J.D. is certainly not without sin, he is the more conservative of the two.

This is precisely what Beck was referring to; Mitt has jumped on the party establishment bandwagon. John McCain is patriot and an American hero, but he is a ‘when it suits me’ conservative.

Recently the senator has had a mea culpa of sorts with his support of TARP and Cap & Tax. His withdrawal of support of TARP is especially maddening. Where was this conservatism when it was really needed? I would lay odds that had he voted no in the fall of 08 he would be president today. Not that I am saying that would be a good thing, but I do believe it to be true.

Glen Beck very specifically called out McCain in his speech Saturday night. Not by name of course, but the reference was unmistakable to anyone who knows McCain’s affection for Teddy Roosevelt. McCain has a long and much proven track record of veering to the right during the election cycle, then going back to his true roots as a “progressive republican”; a phrase most recently coined by his daughter Meghan. It’s so sweet that she takes after her daddy.

This is the time that strong conservatives are sorely needed; now more than any other time in our history. Our government is addicted to tax and spend policies that are jeopardizing the future of this country. We are all too quickly headed towards Zimbabwe like inflation. The out of control spending cannot possibly be sustained. As such, we should not be accepting of politicos who have proven track records of big government policies. Nor should we be accepting of politicos who endorse them. I think that Rush, Bill, and Mark owe Glenn an apology, don’t you?


Opus #6 said...

JACG, we have a tough road this year with primaries and choosing candidates. I hope we can get the very best, most conservative ones. McCain is not on my list.

Fredd said...

McCain is a RINO of the highest magnitude, and has to go.

He has jammed his thumb in the GOP eye way too many times to consider his candidacy in any serious manner. JD Hayworth is the guy.

Just a conservative girl said...

Then why are all these republicans coming out and endorsing him? I heard today that Bob McDonnell (Virginia's Governor) is going to endorse him as well. This is crazy. It has to stop. McCain is a good man, but his time has passed.

Soloman said...

"It’s so sweet that she takes after her daddy."


Sadly what you said in the comment you left me is true but will never happen. No apology to Beck on the way.. and none will ever come.

Beck is proving to be a more true Conservative than a lot of 'em, and I have to say I'm really troubled by Limbaugh's split personality on this one. Sure he's for JD over McCain, but at the same time he kinda scolded Beck two days in a row, when all Beck did is speak from the heart.

There is a machine, and McCain is the establishment. He's going to be the toughest to take down.

I'll be making a point to dedicate a lot of time to supporting JD, and I think I'll be looking into how I can volunteer for him.

The Conservative Lady said...

I loved Glenn Beck's speech and agree with him that both parties are to blame for our problems. I've also heard Glenn praise Jim DeMint, Michele Bachmann and other conservative Republicans. Glenn doesn't do that very often, which may lead people to believe he's for a third party. I think this is what upsets people like Rush, Mark and Bill. It's fine to say party affiliation doesn't matter, but when it comes to a presidential election, it does. A third party splits the vote...not good news for the GOP if that happens in 2012...but real good news for Obama.
I don't think Rush/Mark/Bill need to apologize to Glenn. It's an honest concern of theirs because they fear Glenn's words may cause a split in the Republican party that will result in a third party. I also don't think Glenn is necessarily for a third party. I think he does and says what he says to make the GOP aware that we are watching them and know they have a tendency to fall into the Dem-light mode once they're in control. I think he wants the RINOs out and the conservatives in. Get rid of the progressives (like McCain). If the GOP would listen to the Tea Party movement, embrace conservatism and rid itself of the RINOs, it will win in 2012.
As for Romney, who knows. Maybe he, along with Sarah Palin, made some kind of a commitment to McCain at the end of the last election cycle. I can understand Palin feeling some gratitude and allegiance to McCain, but Romney could just stay out of it without anyone questioning him. Maybe Romney expects McCain will win his senate seat back and then reciprocate when the 2012 presidential elections roll around.
We must get rid of the RINOs. This is up to us when we go to the ballot box. Hopefully the people in Arizona won't let Palin's and Romney's endorsement of McCain sway their vote.

The Constitutional Crusader said...

I voted for John McCain in the 08 election for a variety of reasons. Back then I had no idea what a progressive was, or what the Progressive Movement was, and before I started watching Beck, TR was MY favorite president as well. Just goes to show how ignorant I was, I suppose. As for McCain now, I say he needs to be put out to pasture. Too little too late on the healthcare deal, and also on the C&T and TARP switches. As for Meghan McCain, she is the quintissential dullard as far as politics goes. Oops, I guess some of that "inate racism" of the Tea Party Movement creeped in there.


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