Sunday, February 7, 2010

Moving KSM Trial to Virginia?

I decided to go and take these pictures during daylight hours.  It will be easier to see the neighborhood that this courthouse is in.  This is where Eric Holder in his infinite wisdom is thinking about holding the trial of KSM. 

This is the courthouse

This is a condo building complex.  There are three or four of these building on this block.  These are very large buildings.  I would say that on this one block alone there are several thousand units.

This a office and retail space as well as a hotel, directly across the street from the courthouse.

More office space.  The Patent and Trade Building is around the corner from here.

More office and retail space

Yet more residental space.  All of this is within two blocks of the courthouse. 

This is the King Street Metro station.  You can see on the attached map that it is two stops from the airport and five stops from the scene of the crime; The Pentagon. 

While this is not nearly as populated as lower Manhatten, it is still densely populated and not the place for the likes of KSM and his cronies. 

1 comment:

Opus #6 said...

Holder is a lunatic. We should send him to GITMO.

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