Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ahh, the lessons you will learn for $40,000 - Graphic Language

This is what your kids will learn while attending Washington University in St. Louis.  It will just cost you 40 grand a year for them to learn this.  Ahh, you gotta love those liberal universities. 
From the article by Lucy Moore:

So, here goes my knowledge collected from interviewing men and women, and my observations (including those drawn from porn), which I will organize into a list of tips to be used at one’s own discretion. Remember: all men—and their penises—are different. These are not rules. Also, remember, STDs are transmitted from oral sex, too!


1. Always keep the entirety of the shaft of the penis and the head covered with something, mouth or hand. As I find that not everyone is capable of deepthroating manuevers, especially when it comes to a man who is well endowed, I often find it helpful to think of blowjobs as handjob-blowjob combos; keep your left hand on the shaft in rhythm with your mouth over the head and whatever shaft you are able to keep in your mouth.

2. Mix it up, but not too much: Try and balance trying to create a unique experience for your partner (swirling of your tongue over the head, movement of your tongue down the shaft in succession, for example) with consistent rhythm that can maintain and build an orgasm……

H/T - Gateway Pundit

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Opus #6 said...

I saw this. The writer and editor went WAY too far. They should be fired. I'm sure there are adult publications where they could find work.

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