Friday, February 26, 2010

Is Coffee the New Tea? - Coffee Party Activists

Marylander, Annabel Park, decided that she wasn't all too jazzed with the tea party message. She has formed her own party; The Coffee Party. She felt that the tea party didn't have enough compassion or substance. Park formerly worked on the senate campaign of Jim Webb, Virginia Democrat, and made a documentary about Prince William County's battles with illegal immigration.

 She felt that the tea party didn't have enough compassion or substance. She has formed this group to push "progressive change" that 52.9% of the country voted for. Her view of the Tea Party movement is they are nothing more than obstructionists who do not have the best interests of the country at heart. She wants the government to be the conduit of the collective will of the people. Hmm, the collective will of the people right now are saying scrap the healthcare bill and start over. I don't see that happening, do you? The collective will of the people is saying that deficit is too high and spending has to be curbed. I don't see that happening, do you? The collective will of the people were against the bailouts. The government did them anyway, did they not?

See this is where her argument begins to fall apart. Yes, 52.9% voted for Obama. But, not all of them understood what was meant by "fundamentally transforming America". 52.9% of the country did not vote for Obama to put an admitted communist in a high level position in the administration. 52.9% did not vote for a government takeover of two auto companies, and then give more rights to the union members than to the rightful stock holders. 52.9% did not vote for having KSM tried in lower Manhattan. 52.9% did not vote for a safe school czar who has given seminars on "fisting" and advocates teaching sexually graphic content to young children. 52.9% did not vote for 7 top attorneys at DOJ to have actively worked to free the terrorists at Gitmo. 52.9% did not vote for the DOJ to drop obvious voter intimidation charges against The New Black Panther Party. 52.9% did not vote for Andy Stern to be appointed to commission on debt reduction

Read the full article here.  It won't take long to see which side the author comes down on. I have no problem with the creation of this movement; I just wish they would be honest about it. They are forming this so that Obama will move faster on the progressive agenda that SHE voted for. It is also very interesting that media is reporting on this movement much more quickly than they did on the tea party movement. You will also notice that paper reported her documentary as being on immigration. The problems that were going on in Prince William County was about illegal immigration, not about legal immigration.


Jessica said...

When I hear stories about people trying to copy the Tea Party Movement to fit their agenda, I'm reminded of a famous quote......

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." - Mahatma Gandhi

FYI- The baby and I are doing great! I'm posting a picture on my blog.

Just a conservative girl said...

I saw the photos on facebook. I loved the picture of him in the basket. He is such a cutie!! You must be so relieved that Benjamin has finally made his appearance. I hope that Luke is doing ok. It will be a little difficult on him for a while.

Estase said...

Good blog. See my "Opposition of Interests" at to see why it takes two wings to make the eagle fly re:health care.

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