Friday, December 18, 2009

What does Ben Nelson Want More? - Nebraska Poll Numbers

This is going to be interesting indeed.  Ben Nelson will lose his seat in the senate if votes for healthcare. 

“If Senator Ben Nelson votes in favor of this plan, would that make you more likely or less likely to support Senator Nelson when he runs for re-election?”

More likely: 26%

Less Likely: 61%


Catawissa Gazetteer said...

The people of Nebraska may be able to offer him a seat in the Senate but Reid will be able to offer him all the riches he requires to satisfy whatever desires he has; and threaten the destruction of all he has gained to this point.

This whole debacle has transcended our normal understanding of politics and become something new. If the politicians were even slightly concerned about losing their seats they would have backed away from this long ago.

No, something deeper and darker is at work here. Those that have labored for the last century to see our Republic collapse smell blood in the water. This is all or nothing, perhaps the real, final battle between Communism and freedom. The bad guys are playing for keeps because they know we're on to them. If they don't get it now we will have for all intents and purposes put an end to any immediate chance for their success.

Sen. Nelson has become the pivotal player in the central battle of the war between good and evil. I can't even imagine what he is going through at this point. Pray that he has the strength and wisdom to make the right decision.

The Griper said...

well, none of this would be a fight if we had given Bush the backing he needed to reform Social Security like he needed. when he lost that fight, the socialists had their foot in the door.

handel said...

suicide mission indeed. The ironic thing is, if obama care died tomorrow, it would HELP the dems. If it goes through, it kills them dead..but unfortunatley harms the country..BADLY.

When I say it "Kills" them, I almost mean it litterally. They will harm themselves for at least a generation with it, as the lasting damage will be huge.

Just a conservative girl said...

I would love for you to expand on your comment. I don't see the corelation between the two.

Opus #6 said...

I heard something recently about how Bush was shut down on SS reform. I was not paying much attention to politics back then, so I also would like to learn more.

I pray Nelson would hold out, but he is a Dem, so I don't have much hope.

Sparky said...

The Griper brought up something I had temporarily forgotten, President G. W. Bush did try to reform Socialist Security and the Dems killed it. That would make an excellent post.

I heard that the Senator from Nebraska has been bought and will help vote in the Obamacare. I hope Nebraskians remember this next election and send him packin'.

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