Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Conservative Girl Adventures - Senate Rally Day

I have had quite a day today.  I had to run errands this morning and was minding my own business, and needed to go to Home Depot.  Who is on his way there?  The President.  I have lived outside of DC for 13 years.  I have never seen President Clinton, and only saw President Bush at the ball his first night in office.  I have seen Obama three times.  Doesn't he work? 

Then I go to the rally at the senate today.  I am minding my own business again.  I stepped away to sneak a smoke (yes very bad for me) something that I don't do much of anymore.  Who do I run into?  Michele Bachman.  That is a high that I am going to carry around for days.  What a thrill.  I just LOVE her. 

I then went to Senator Webb's office.  Now, this is the fifth time I have gone there.  This time they actually handed out a op-ed piece he did for a paper in the central part of the state.   The Op-ed said he has not made up his mind.  Politico posted an article saying that he may be able to be turned, but I don't believe that. 

The receptionists were basically taking names and handing out this op-ed piece.  Somehow, and I am not sure how, I got invited to meet with his policy analyst, a fellow 9/12'er and PT.  It was an interesting conversation. 

I had some personal plans tonight, so I just got home.  I need to get some sleep.  I will post more on this in the am along with the photos that I took. 

Have a good night all.

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NoVa Tea Party Patriots said...

ran across your blog and thought I'd say hi . I have pictures and video links of yesterdays rally over at my blog, help yourself if you want any.


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