Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hey Mary, You Went Cheap - Nebraska Will Never Pay for Medicaid

Ben Nelson got the sweetest of sweetheart deals. The State of Nebraska will never pay for Medicaid. The 49 other states will pick up the tab. Is there a person out there that is not outraged?

The democrats have obviously made a decision that they don't care how many seats they lose next year as long as this passes. Pelosi will only lose her seat if someone more far left runs against her, so I guess she is in the clear.  So what the heck, she will retain her seat and she will get rid of the moderate side of her party.  All that will be left is the far left people from the far left districts around the country.  This may not bode well for Barbara Boxer, after all, what did she get for California? 

The arrogance that this portrays is stunning, simply stunning. Every poll across the country has shown that the American people do not want this bill to be passed.

I think pitchforks are necessary. The democratic leaders of this country have really reached an all time low. Bribery, blatant falsehoods, and total lack of concern for the people that are paying their salaries seem to be the order of the day. 1/6 of our economy is on the line and no one has read the bill. They have no idea if it is actually going to work.

This is a sad day for America, a very sad day indeed.


lady di said...

I agree with you! I should be making Christmas Cookies instead sharpening my pitchfork!
Mad as Hell in Massachusetts

The Griper said...

huh, excuse my ignorance but what are you referring to, little one?

Just a conservative girl said...

Ben Nelson is voting yea for healthcare - in return the state of Nebraska will no longer have to pay for the state portion of Medicaid. The rest of us will pick up the tab.

The Griper said...

well, we asked for it by not supporting Bush's efforts to reform Social Security as he tried too when in office. Though i'll admit his getting the prescription drug bill passed did not help either.

this gave the libs all of the incentive they needed to pass this bill. they are all socialistic programs. this bill was just the next logical step down the progressive path of socialism.

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