Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Public Schools and Christmas

Over the summer I went to a fundraiser that was hosted by Jim DeMint for his Pac Senate Conservatives Fund. I had the honor to meet a teacher from the Boston Area. A conservative teacher from Boston, who knew they existed. She was just starting up her blog at that point. She doesn't blog every day, but when she does, it is worth the read.

She is on the front lines of the public school system and the liberal bias that exists. Here is her take on the young boy who ordered to have psychological testing for drawing a picture of Jesus on the cross. This child who has never been in trouble was assigned to draw a picture of Christmas. What exactly did this teacher think that Christmas was? Isn't Christmas the celebration of the birth of Christ? That is what I have always understood it to be. While I understand that it has evolved into a cultural thing as well, the ultimate reason for the season is the birth of Christ.

The young boy in question had recently been taken to some shrine before being given this assignment. His parents have every right to teach their child what the meaning of Christmas is according to their belief system. That is a fundamental right to every citizen in this country. How dare a public school system tell a young boy that drawing a picture of Jesus on a cross is a sign that he may potentially be a danger to himself or to others? Luckily for this little boy, his parents are standing up and saying no. Conservative Teacher also includes two stories of things that have happened in her own middle school. These two stories only go to show that the people in this country who feel that Christianity is under attack have a very real reason to feel this way.


Contchr said...

Conservative Girl,

Thanks for looking up the background of this case. Simply unbelievable that a public school would question a child's faith in Christ. But that's exactly what happened when the school ordered the boy to undergo psychiatric tests after drawing the picture.

Jesus said "unless you change and become like little children you can not enter the Kingdom of heaven." Jesus wanted His followers to have the kind of simple, trusting child-like faith that this youngster had by drawing his God on a cross as a symbol of Christmas.

Fredd said...

It is sad to see what has happened to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. They have elected liberal politicians for so long now, that I am frankly not shocked by this.

To suggest that a belief in Christ and Christmas is nearly criminal is just yet one more step towards Marxism and Communism. It is nearly a criminal act to register as a Republican in this state.

The Griper said...

i don't think that what the teacher did in this case was motivated by religious bias or prejudice. i would hazard a guess that it was motivated by the idea that the picture that the boy drew was an indicator of self-destructive thoughts or behavior in her mind. granted, i believe the teacher acted hastedly in this matter but ask yourself on question.

and don't take what i say as being in defense of the liberal agenda. if you read my blog you'll see that i'm not.

do you believe that the teacher would have acted in the same manner if the boy had drawn a picture of jesus lying in the manger which is the usual depiction for this holiday?

The Griper said...

i was just over to Eastern Right and Karen has an update to this story that i think you should read on this matter.

Just a conservative girl said...

I would never think that you would take the liberal side. I have read your blog enough to know better. But it wasn't just the teacher. It was also the principal as well. Your point of the manger is a good one, but I still think that their is a religous bias here.

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