Monday, December 28, 2009

President Obama Finally Speaks On Terror Attack

Good morning, everybody. I wanted to take just a few minutes to update the American people on the attempted terrorist attack that occurred on Christmas Day and the steps we're taking to ensure the safety and security of the country. This wasn't an attempted terrorist attack.  It WAS a terrorist attack.  Just because it failed doesn't mean that it wasn't an attack.  He was able to get the bomb lit, by the grace of God it didn't work well. 

The investigation's ongoing. And I spoke again this morning with Attorney General Eric Holder, the secretary of homeland security, Janet Napolitano,(the woman who said the system worked?)  and my counterterrorism and homeland security adviser, John Brennan. I asked them to keep -- continue monitoring the situation to keep the American people and members of Congress informed.

Here's what we know so far: On Christmas Day, Northwest Airlines Flight 253 was en route from Amsterdam, Netherlands, to Detroit. As the plane made its final approach to Detroit Metropolitan Airport, a passenger allegedly tried to ignite an explosive device on his body, setting off a fire. (again, he did light the explosive, it just didn't work.)

Thanks to the quick and heroic actions of passengers and crew, the suspect was immediately subdued, the fire was put out, and the plane landed safely. The suspect is now in custody and has been charged with attempting to destroy an aircraft. (Why hasn't he been charged with attempted murder?)

A full investigation has been launched into this attempted act of terrorism, and we will not rest until we find all who were involved and hold them accountable.

Now, this was a serious reminder of the dangers that we face and the nature of those who threaten our homeland. Had the suspect succeeded in bringing down that plane, it could have killed nearly 300 passengers and crew, innocent civilians preparing to celebrate the holidays with their families and friends.

The American people should be assured that we are doing everything in our power to keep you and your family safe and secure during this busy holiday season.

Since I was first notified of this incident, I've ordered the following actions to be taken to protect the American people and to secure air travel.

First, I directed that we take immediate steps to ensure the safety of the traveling public. We made sure that all flights still in the air were secure and could land safely. We immediately enhanced screening and security procedures for all flights, domestic and international. We added federal air marshals to flights entering and leaving the United States. And we're working closely in this country, federal, state and local law enforcement, with our international partners.

Second, I've ordered two important reviews, because it's absolutely critical that we learn from this incident and take the necessary measures to prevent future acts of terrorism. (I am very impressed here, he actually called it what it was; terrorism. This was not an almost man-made disaster.)

The first review involves our watch list system, which our government has had in place for many years to identify known and suspected terrorists so that we can prevent their entry into the United States. Apparently the suspect in the Christmas incident was in this system, but not on a watch list, such as the so-called no-fly list.(What exactly does this mean?  There is a no-fly list, he just was not added to it even after his father reported him. Oh, I get it, it is Bush Bashing) So I have ordered a thorough review, not only of how information related to the subject was handled, but of the overall watch list system and how it can be strengthened.

The second review will examine all screening policies, technologies and procedures related to air travel. We need to determine just how the suspect was able to bring dangerous explosives aboard an aircraft and what additional steps we can take to thwart future attacks.

Third, I've directed my national security team to keep up the pressure on those who would attack our country. We do not yet have all the answers about this latest attempt, but those who would slaughter innocent men, women and children must know that the United States will more -- do more than simply strengthen our defenses. We will continue to use every element of our national power to disrupt, to dismantle and defeat the violent extremists who threaten us, whether they are from Afghanistan or Pakistan, Yemen or Somalia, or anywhere where they are plotting attacks against the U.S. homeland.

Finally, the American people should remain vigilant, but also be confident. Those plotting against us seek not only to undermine our security, but also the open society and the values that we cherish as Americans. This incident, like several that have preceded it, demonstrates that an alert and courageous citizenry are far more resilient than an isolated extremist. (The proof seems to be pretty over-whelming that this man was not an isolated extremist.)

As a nation, we will do everything in our power to protect our country. As Americans, we will never give in to fear or division. We will be guided by our hopes, our unity, and our deeply held values. That's who we are as Americans; that's what our brave men and women in uniform are standing up for as they spend the holidays in harm's way. And we will continue to do everything that we can to keep America safe in the new year and beyond.

Before I leave, let me also briefly address the events that have taken place over the last few days in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The United States joins with the international community in strongly condemning the violent and unjust suppression of innocent Iranian citizens, which has apparently resulted in detentions, injuries, and even death.

For months, the Iranian people have sought nothing more than to exercise their universal rights. Each time they have done so, they have been met with the iron fist of brutality, even on solemn occasions and holy days. And each time that has happened, the world has watched with deep admiration for the courage and the conviction of the Iranian people who are part of Iran's great and enduring civilization.

What's taking place within Iran is not about the United States or any other country. It's about the Iranian people and their aspirations for justice and a better life for themselves. And the decision of Iran's leaders to govern through fear and tyranny will not succeed in making those aspirations go away.

As I said in Oslo, it's telling when governments fear the aspirations of their own people more than the power of any other nation.

Along with all free nations, the United States stands with those who seek their universal rights. We call upon the Iranian government to abide by the international obligations that it has to respect the rights of its own people. (When was the last time that Iran has lived up to it's international obligations?  Do you think that since you made a more timely statement this time around they will listen?)

We call for the immediate release of all who have been unjustly detained within Iran. We will continue to bear witness to the extraordinary events that are taking place there. And I'm confident that history will be on the side of those who seek justice.

Thank you very much, everybody. And Happy New Year. (I guess that means we won't be hearing from you again for a few days).

I am not going to say anything about him still being in Hawaii.  I personally found it astounding that President Bush was attacked for remaining in the classroom after finding out about the 2nd plane on 9/11.  I have a friend who made a really big deal of the President not coming back to Washington immediately that day.  The President can do anything that needs to be done from wherever he may happen to be.  That said, he should have made a statement long before today.  It is scary to think that the simple act of getting on a plane can get you killed.  We need to have a calm voice that will make people have a bit of comfort so they can continue on with their daily lives.  This statement was long over-due. 


Teresa said...

Your right. Obama should have made a statement before today. I am surprised he actually referred to this as terrorism. Well, his policies are making this country weaker and prone to this sort of threat, so my suggestion is for him to revert back to Bush policies.

Malcolm said...

Criticizing President Obama for not speaking sooner seems like a reach to me. Maybe he was waiting to get more details on the incident before he made his statement. Also, he could have been monitoring the false alarm on Sunday concerning the suspicious suitcase on a Detroit bound airliner. If that turned out not to be a false alarm, he likely would have addressed them in the same statement.

I read the comments on the You Tube clip of the President's statement and some guy actually had the nerve to criticize Obama because he wasn't wearing a tie! Is this what it's come to? I'm starting to think that some of you in the anti-Obama camp love it when he makes what you perceive as errors just so you can have something to complain about.

Just a conservative girl said...

Hmm, did you make the same type of comment when it was the left doing to President Bush? You won't hear me ever say anything about how he dresses. I don't care about that stuff.

300 people were almost murdered and he said not one word for three days. What I want from him is to lead. Keeping his mouth shut for three days is not leading. He should have made a comment before the false alarm incident even happened. He is the President. A job that he worked long and hard to get. This is what he signed up for, leading. He isn't doing it. When someone tries to murder that many people it is his job to try calm people. This happened on one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. People need to know that they are safe and the government is doing everything it can to ensure that. Our safety is the job of the federal government, one of the few real responsibilities accorded by the constitution.

Keri said...

He was too busy on the golf course to make a statement. Bush would have been obliterated in the media if he did that.

Malcolm said...

Amongst the people I know, I didn't hear any petty/unfair criticism of Bush. Since I've only been reading political blogs for about a year and the most of the ones I do are conservative (even though I'm liberal), I haven't seen this type of anti-Bush rhetoric online either. That's not to say that it didn't/doesn't exist.

Since some of you on the right insist on using a calendar to judge a President's leadership skills, did you know that Bush waited 6 days before publicly commenting on Richard Reid (aka The Shoe Bomber)? It appears that the person who commented after my original post is wrong because Bush wasn't obliterated in the media for the 6 day wait. Do you think President Bush was being a strong leader by waiting 6 days before saying anything about The Shoe Bomber?

No politician is perfect, but some of you on the right are going to criticize President Obama no matter what he does. If he had made a statement the next day, some of you would have said, "why is he being so rash?"

By the way, it's Malcolm with 2 Ls. :-)

brando said...

Malcolm, I couldn't have said it better myself. And the idea the American people are these little namby-pamby fraidy cats who need the president to go on the TeeVee to comfort them in a "calm voice"...give me a break.

One of the reasons a lot of people like and respect Obama is precisely because he doesn't talk down to us like we are idiots as if we need some John Wayne speech about how we're going to "Smoke 'em out" or get 'em "Dead or Alive" and exhort us to not to be afraid to go back to the mall and shop. I am really saddened that conservativism has been reduced to such dim-bulbed dumb-assery.

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