Thursday, December 31, 2009

Napolitano's Odd Definition of Working Fine - Pilots on Domestic Flights Not Notified of Bomber - UPDATE

Two days after the failed terrorist attack, Janet Napolitano made the round on the Sunday talk shows saying that the system worked just fine. I have listened to the statement and she did use the word “after”. She really didn’t articulate very well, but she did say it. She was then put into a position to clarify her statement and said that obviously the system didn’t work as a bomber was allowed to get on a plane. The problem is that apparently the system didn’t even work fine after the failed bombing was known to authorities.

The Allied Airline Pilots Association has a written a letter to U.S. House of Representatives to inform them that pilots of domestic flights that were in the air at the time immediately following the arrest of the bomber were not notified. The TSA only notified the pilots of incoming international flights. The pilots of domestic flights were not even aware of the thwarted bombing until after they landed. The international flights only accounted for about one third of all flights in the air at the time.

Luckily for us, he was the only bomber in the skies at the time. But as 9/11 showed us, al Qaeda likes to do coordinated attacks. The crews of the planes in the air should have known that there was potential danger. The crews of the planes could then make a determination if anything seemed suspicious on their flight.

Janet Napolitano is clearly in over her head. Her lack of qualifications for the enormous task she has been given is a danger to every American. I will give her credit where credit is due. At least she did use the word terrorism. That is something that I was pleasantly surprised by, but that in and of itself certainly isn’t enough to give comfort to all Americans who are depending on the government to provide safety. Providing safety to the citizens of this country is actually a provision in the constitution that the federal government is supposed to be performing.

I live just outside of Washington, DC; a city that has a big fat target on it. The members and sympathizers of al Qaeda would love nothing more than performing a major attack on the capital of our country. She doesn’t elicit a sense of comfort to the millions who live in areas that are major targets. This is a woman who is reportedly on the short list for seat on the Supreme Court. It truly makes me wonder if she got the job due to the fact that she was one of the first high profile democrats to come out in favor of the candidacy of then Senator Barack Obama.  Truly scary. 

** Fox News is reporting that democrats will be joining the republican chorus asking for her resignation.  **


Michael Lantz said...

I think that heads ought to roll on that one.I think that Janet Napolitano ought to step down.I will never forget that she called our returning vets and the tea party protestors dangerous.

Janie Lynn said...

She has made one mistake after the next. Someone more qualified definitely needs to take her place.

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