Sunday, December 27, 2009

President Obama and the Lame Stream Media Excuses for Him -

The lame stream media is continuing with its excuse making for the President. Time Magazine has an online article regarding the fact that the Obama’s did not attend church services over the Christmas holiday. While it really isn’t our business if they go to church or not, there are several things that I find fascinating about the article. The first being the excuse that the author uses, “concerns about crowds and displacing regular worshippers has prevented them from finding a new religious home during their first year here”. Really?

President Clinton was very popular during points of his presidency. Until Obama’s election, he was one of the most beloved Presidents of the black community, which as you may know, the District is a majority black city. He and Hillary attended church on a regular basis.

If this was truly the reason, the first family would never leave the white house. The District of Columbia is demographically a very pro-Obama city. Only about 10% of the registered voters are republicans. He has attended his daughter’s soccer games, and has taken them out for ice cream. Since I live in the area my local news comes out of the district, I see pictures in the paper and the local news stories about him and the first lady joining Sasha and Malia on their activities. The first lady took at least one of the girls to the Hannah Montana concert, the whole family went to see Michelle’s brother while he was coaching a college basketball game at the Verizon Center. My gosh, even I have seen the man three times since he has taken office. That cannot possibly be the reason. I certainly am not out there looking for him. My most recent sighting was at Home Depot when I was trying to run errands. I needed an extension cord and molly bolts, not a run in with him.

Another thing that I found very interesting in the article was a comment that was made by Sasha during a visit to the local Children’s hospital. Sasha was asked by one the kids they were bringing cookies to if Christmas would be different now that they are the first family: "I don't think anything will be very different,” Ah, out of the mouth of babes. Not attending church at Christmas is not considered unusual to her.  I think that this is crux of the issue.

A person of deep faith, as President Obama has purported himself to be, would never want his children to not attend services for period that has extended this long. It has been well over a year, probably getting close to two years, since the Obama’s have cut ties with The Trinity United Church in Chicago. While it is entirely possible to teach your children the tenets of your faith without attending services, the factor that is missing is the fellowship that comes with attending a house of worship on a regular basis. This is especially true during times of a major holiday. For Christians, this would be both Christmas and Easter. There is nothing like attending church at Christmas. The flowers are beautiful. Everyone is so happy in church during the services over Christmas. It is not only a magical time for the kids; it is a sacred time for the faithful. The plays and pageants are very touching, especially the ones that are done by the younger kids. They are so proud to be involved. I remember while I was growing up, come hell or high water, I went to church on Sunday mornings. Missing Sunday school classes was not acceptable. But somehow for the Obama’s it is acceptable for their children to miss services and Sunday schools classes for this long. I find the two points of him being a person of deep faith and keeping his children out of church for this long to be diametrically opposed to one another.  The question then becomes why did he lie about it?  Could it be that the Trinity Church in Chicago is the place to be for black politicans?  The real ties that bind. 

For a different take on this story visit Another Black Conservative. He always has an interesting point of view on things.


The Griper said...

he chuckles. ohhh you racist. tsk tsk tsk. posting a picture of a caucasian family going into a church then speaking, oh so badly of a black family. naughty naughty. lol

Janie Lynn said...

I'm not sure there's a genuine bone in the man's body. I'm convinced that everything he has done - including attending that church - was to put him in a particular place at a particular time that would be advantageous for him politically. Trinity United Church WAS the place to be in Chicago, just not for a national campaign. It was a stepping stone for him - I don't think he cared one bit about religion then - and I don't believe he does now.

Whoops - caught me with my cynical cap on!

Opus #6 said...

Obama is impaired. He does not and never will understand the concept of "duty". And as such, he feels no duty to raise his children with a religious education, even during their most impressionable years. He would go only if it were convenient and suited him.

The Conservative Lady said...

I was just talking to my husband about Obama not attending church and we both agree...the Trinity Church was for political gain only. He needed those voters. I do think he believes all he heard from Rev. Wright to be true...and that's the kind of "religious" background he afforded his children.

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