Friday, December 11, 2009

Our Safe Schools Czar - Kevin Jennings Graphic Content & Contact Information

The story about Kevin Jennings keeps getting more and more disturbing. If the reading list wasn't bad enough, now the story of his seminar at Tufts University comes to light. This conference was for 14 - 21 year olds. Not only did public school teachers attend this conference, they also gave rides to students.

At the offset I want to say that I don't care that Kevin Jennings is gay. What he does is not my business. Consenting adults are free to do whatever they choose to do; as long as the person is not married to me, it is none of my concern. I do not fall into the camp that homosexuality is a choice. Frankly, I find the notion of being with another woman sexually gross. I am not putting anyone down; it is just not for me. I don't think that a person can change being gay anymore than someone can change being heterosexual. With that being said, I don't want this man anywhere near children.

I have a few friends who are gay. Every one of them has told me that they knew something was different about them at a fairly young age. They couldn't quite put a finger on it, but they always felt a little different and didn't quite fit in. Some of these guys even dated girls when in high school. At some point they figured out what that difference was and "came out of the closet". I used to work with a man who grew up in a family of conservative Christians and then joined the military. Neither one of those environments are very accepting of homosexuality. He and his partner have been able to have a relationship with his family, so I guess it has all worked out. He understands that they disapprove of his love life, yet they still love him.

It must be difficult on a child that realizes that they are indeed attracted to people of the same sex. Kids tend to be very cruel. Gay teenagers must have a difficult time. I remember one guy growing up who everyone just assumed he was gay, so when he came out about it, it was neither shock nor a big deal. I will age myself here and say that was the time of Boy George and George Michael. So being gay was out in the open, but not nearly as it is now.

Fourteen is an age that you are hormonal, trying to figure where you fit into the world, and you don't yet realize that being yourself is much more important than being what the "popular" kids think you should be. You are stretching your wings and searching for independence. That is one of the purposes of the teenage years. I do think that kids who find themselves in this situation need compassion and more importantly need to be told that they are worthwhile human beings. Suicide rates are much higher among gay teenagers and that is something that needs to be addressed and dealt with.

The conference that GLSEN held was not about that. Breakout sessions included topics such as "Spit or Swallow, is it rude?” This topic is nothing about acceptance, it is about is teaching young kids about sex. I wouldn't like this topic if it were geared towards heterosexual children either. A demonstration of fisting was given. Fisting is a procedure of one putting the entire fist in the rectum of their sexual partner. Yuck. I don't quite understand how that is a turn on, but whatever. The kits included explicit instructions, gloves, and K Y Jelly. These kits were distributed by, of all organizations Planned Parenthood, as they did have logos on them. The K Y Jelly proves that any sense that this kit was for safe oral sex purposes is simply not true. K Y Jelly is not necessary for oral sex, as far as I know, you can do perform oral sex without the use of K-Y. GLSEN uses tax payer funds to hold these conferences. My money is being used to teach young kids dangerous sexual techniques. I would think putting your entire fist in someone's rectum could do a great deal of harm if not done correctly, if there is a correct way to do this. 

I realize that times have changed since I was 14, but these types of things were nowhere near my mind at that age. I was not ready for that type of information. To be honest, I am not sure that I am ready for this information now.  I am not a prude, but this is more information than I needed to know. 

Kevin Jennings can be called many things, but safe is not among them. This man needs to resign, and do it now. I also would like an explanation from the White House. I would like to see President and Mrs. Obama to sit in a room along with Kevin Jennings and their two daughters and read such books as "Revolutionary Voices" and "Reflections of a Rock Lobster". His daughters are not 14 yet, but shouldn't they have demonstrations of fisting? If it is ok for our children to see this fifth, why shouldn't his?

Gateway Pundit has excerpts from the above books as well as some others.  Read them if you dare. 

If you want to give Mr. Jennings a call his number is: 202-245-7830.  Let him know that he needs to resign and stay away from our kids. 


Opus #6 said...

This is so over the top. Fisting indeed. These people need to stay FAR away from my children.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Linked at LCR!

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