Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holy Night

Tonight the majority of Americans are gathering with our loved ones. Our houses are adorned with trees, holly, and tinsel. The little ones are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Santa. Our holiday baking fill the house with the familiar smells of childhood Christmas memories. We are performing the rituals of our childhood that make the holiday uniquely our own. The presents are wrapped and under the tree. We sent out the cards to the people in our lives, we remember to appreciate what we have and share our good fortunes with the people out there who are not as lucky as we are.

We need to take these few days to hug our families and friends. Take in the blessings that we are given through the birth of our Savoir.

We also need to prepare to take our country back. 2010 is an election year. We need to knock on doors, inform our neighbors of the bribery that has become commonplace in our government, type up talking points to discuss. Print out some door hangers to leave information for your neighbors that are not at home. Set up e-mail chains to keep everyone notified of big news. Arrange to donate some time on primary days to get people out to the polls. Many of the people that need to be defeated will need to lose at the primary level or they will be re-elected.

Enjoy your families and friends this weekend. Next week, we start the business of getting our country back to the vision of our founders; limited and accountable government.

Have a Blessed Christmas. 


ArthurRex12 said...

That's right, JCG. This week, we've called a truce. Next week it's back to the front lines.

Janie Lynn said...

I really needed the one day of hope and reflection. But now it's time to kick some butt.

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