Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Updated Poll Numbers - Nebraska's View of Ben Nelson

The news is not good for Ben Nelson.  Here are the updated numbers for the Senator:

34% very unfavorable view
42% say he is too supportive of President Obama's agenda
61% disapprove of President Obama's job performance
65% feel that tax payer funds should not be used for abortion
17% approve of deal he made in the healthcare bill for Medicaid funding
64% disapprove of the healthcare reform bill from the senate
62% believe the legislation will raise costs
56% believe the legislation will dimish quality of care

What should make Senator Nelson take the most pause is:

Gov. Dave Heineman 61%
Senator Nelson 30%.
The Governor has yet to announce that he is running for the seat. 

In the same poll, they were asked if Sen. Nelson blocked healthcare the numbers are as follows:

Gov. Dave Heineman 47%
Senator Nelson 37%
20% of people said they would support Nelson if he switches his vote to block healthcare. 

Luckily for him he doesn't face the voters until 2012.  I wonder if he is counting on people forgetting before then? 

1 comment:

Sparky said...

If the photo showed his hands, they would be red with the blood of innocents that this 'healthcare' bill will murder.

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