Thursday, December 3, 2009

Flagpoles, A Medal of Honor Winner, and the HOA

Col. Van T. Barfoot, 90, is a veteran of three wars, a Medal of Honor winner, and a man who likes to fly the American flag. Every morning he gets up and raises old glory. At dusk every night, he lowers it, and folds to army specifications.

That all may be coming to an end this Friday; as he received a thirteen page registered letter from the law firm of Coates and Davenport via registered mail stating that if he doesn't stop flying his flag he will be subject to paying all fees that are accrued by the home owner's association to get him to remove the flag pole in his yard. The homeowners association doesn't like the fact that his flag pole is self standing in his yard. His daughter who lives a few houses away has stated that the homeowners’ association rules do not prohibit self standing flag poles.

The homeowners association insists that it has nothing to do with the flag, but only the vertical flag pole. If he put the flag on an angled pole he could continue to fly it. This is a 90 year old man who spent the majority of his adult life not only serving his country, but doing it with such valor that he received a medal of honor. He doesn't have the right to put a military style flag pole up in his own yard? Why is almost every aspect of our lives being regulated?

If a veteran of three wars wants to continue to honor his country in the military style he is used to, who is he hurting? This is one of the most arcane things I have ever heard. Luckily, he does have some support; Sen. Mark Warner is speaking up in behalf of the man, as well as the law firm Marchant, Honey & Baldwin who has offered to take the case pro-bono.

What is so wrong with a vertical flag pole?


Janie Lynn said...

Good God. After some of the displays I have seen in people's yards, a free standing flagpole flying the flag of this country would be a welcome sight to me! I hope they win this fight.

The Conservative Lady said...

I heard about this on the Mark Levin radio show Wednesday night. Mark wanted one of the lawyers to call into his one did. Mark was off on Thursday, but asked that one of the guys working on his show try to contact the law firm and get someone on the show tonight (Friday). If no one calls, Mark says he is going to publicize every one of the lawyers names so that their families will know what they are doing to this 90 year old Medal of Honor winner. He has a few choice words for the HOA, too.

Just a conservative girl said...

This is a local thing for me. So I am not surprised that Levin heard about it. I live only a few miles from Levin. This is happening outside of Richmond, VA.

It is going to turn into a big mess.

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