Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Flagpoles, A Medal of Honor Winner, and the HOA - And The Medal Of Honor Winner Keeps His Flagpole

It was announced today that the Home Owners Association will not pursue any further action against the 90 year old medal of honor winner and his flagpole will be allowed to stay. 

Thanks to people like Mark Levin, a private law firm who took the case pro-bono and a great deal of media attention, the retired col. will be allowed to proudly fly ol' glory every day. 

It is nice to see the good guys come out on top. 

God Bless America

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I would like to respectfuly Thank you for the freedom I am aforded daily because America has always been fortunate enough to have a LOT of GOOD men (and now women too) that are willing to suffer unspeakable horrors(watching friend/fellow solders mangaled/killed, or getting captured-POW-, etc...) Or even death themselves to win or keep those rights and freedoms.
I believe this is something your neighbors should think about as well.
Our flag is Beautifull and should be displayed with great honor, dignity, and pride!
And it's men like you sir that make us even MORE proud to be Americans!
So thank You! You didn't let our enimies win in war. Don't let the ignorance of True ungreatful people keep you from the good fight now!
We need so many more like you. But it sure is nice to know there are still those who will do the right thing!
A long and wonderful life to you!
Your fellow American,
April Wallace

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