Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why Can't We Leave it up to the Parents? - Michelle Obama's Fight on Obesity

So the obesity issue comes down to school lunches?  If that is true why are we then adding meals to the school programs instead of getting away from them?  Now, I have not eaten a school lunch in decades and from what I remember they were not all that great.  Matter of fact, I brought lunch.  Hey, that's an idea!!  We are slowly taking away parents responsibilities.  We are feeding children three times a day at school.  When do these kids spend time with their parents?  I understand that many parents have to work long hours, but spending time with your kids is too important to grant to the state.  All studies show that families that eat together on a regular basis raise children that are healthier, happier, and do better in school.  We should be promoting families spending time together instead of saying that the government will take care of all your needs. 

I am sick to death of hearing about how McDonalds is making our children fat.  Young children don't go to McDonalds by themselves.  Someone has to take them there.  If a parent doesn't know that McDonalds should only be a once in a while treat, that is something that government can't take care of.  You can't fix stupid. 

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A_Nonny_Mouse said...

"If a parent doesn't know that McDonalds should only be a once in a while treat, that is something that government can't take care of. You can't fix stupid."


That's the whole point about Liberals/ Progressives and their desire to make the rules and run the world: They believe they are the smartest, most enlightened, fairest, most understanding people in the room (no matter what room we're talking about). They have the broadest perspective, the most penetrating insight, the most intuitively-correct grasp of any situation. Really. They're SURE of it.

And all the rest of you grubby little hoi-polloi react to their magnanimous plans to "raise up the downtrodden of the earth" with suspicion and resistance. You all (you know who you are, you're the ones expected to pay the bills for the Glorious New World they're planning for us all) keep clinging to your religion and your guns and your government-restricting Constitution, which just HORRIFIES these super-educated fools who *KNOW* they know what's best for you. You conservatives just STUBBORNLY REFUSE to acknowledge their supreme awesomeness and their beneficent wisdom and their Glorious Plans to Serve Man (*).

Shame on all those conservatives who think to themselves "change isn't ALWAYS good, now is it?"

You doubters, you!!! Drink that Kool-Aid!!!!

(*) deliberate reference to old Twilight Zone episode: The aliens came to find out "how to serve man". Turns out they were working on a cookbook.

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