Monday, December 13, 2010

Quote of the Day - Mark Bauerlein Edition

"Millions of lazy, incurious, disruptive, unintelligent and nearly illiterate youngsters flood classrooms every day, and none of the popular and hugely expensive initiatives and ideas peddled by 'education mayors,' well-meaning foundations and professors of education will change them."
Mark Bauerlein author of The Dumbest Generation.

I think it may be a little hard to dispute some of what he is saying.  We have many children who can't read at grade level in both middle and high school.  But, how did they get to high school without being able to read well?  That is a huge problem if we are passing students along just to get rid of them and pass the problem onto someone else.  Which I do believe happens, especially in the larger school systems that just don't have the resources to spend to help one child.  We also have to look at parents who seem fairly disinterested in the fact that their child is falling behind.  While this type of thinking was behind the failed No Child Left Behind program put into place by President Bush, but again, the government can't solve all problems.  While I am not an educator, I personally believe that you must capture the child's imagination when they are young.  Little kids are like sponges and naturally curious.  You must give them the foundation that they can continue to build on as they grow older before the realization that education is actually work and not a game kicks in.  It is just tragic that we have adults out there saying that the status quo in our public schools is acceptable, when it simply is not. 

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