Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hooters, Kids and Parental Choice

The National Organization of Women have set their sights on Hooters.  At least the fact that Hooters is serving children under the age of 21.  They have decided in their infinite wisdom that Hooters is too sexually explicit for young children.  They use the fact that the chain uses the classification of "vicarious sexual entertainment" on its business filings.  Hooters uses this classification to insulate themselves from some sexual harassment lawsuits.  Their employee handbook gives information about some of what can be expected; cat calls and the occasional butt slap to name a few. 

While I would never work at Hooters because I wouldn't be comfortable with the dress code, or lack thereof more precisely, and honestly, I wouldn't fill out the tank top in the way they would like.  But they are using the word vicarious. 

Vicarious Adj. experienced through another by imagining: experienced through somebody else rather than at first hand, by using sympathy or the power of the imagination
It seems pretty simple to me that they are not saying that they are an organization that is trying to classify itself as an adult entertainment business, but it allows it to be sorta kinda like one.  While I really don't have much interest in defending the adult entertainment industry, I don't think that this should be given a pass simply because I am not all that jazzed at how the women who work there dress. 

This is just yet another example of people using the court system to run our lives.  If a parent doesn't like the tight shirts and orange shorts then don't bring your kids there.  It really is that simple.  There is no reason to force this business to change its business model because NOW is finding yet another thing to object to. 

The women who take a job with this restaurant chain now what they are getting into.  It is a business that expects you to dress a certain way that is sexual in nature.  You are expected to make yourself look attractive with your grooming as well with your makeup and hair styles. 

I think Hooters has some of the best chicken wings around, especially for the price that they charge.  If I decide to take my own children there that is my business.  People who walk into Hooters know what they are going to get, the name tells you all you need to know.  If you don't think your children should be exposed to the waitstaff, then take them somewhere else.  This is not something that a court should be wasting resources on. 


Deekaman said...

Had not heard this. More stuff for the NAG's (National Association of Gals) to try to look relevant. We have the power. They don't. We cannot allow ourselves to be bullied into silence. The bast way to deal with this one at this time is to just make fun of it.

Linda said...

Why are we letting the government well us how to raise our kids? All of us were raised without the gov't, and I think we all turned out okay. I raised my kids without their help too! They are all tax-paying, job working, honest adults raising their own families.

We need LESS government, not MORE!

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