Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tweets of Interest - Fred Thompson

FCC head: must regulate internet to "protect consumers". I'm sure govt will do for the internet what TSA did for airline travel. #ftrs #tcot

   NPR's Totenberg apologizes for saying "Christmas". Maybe afraid she'd offend Muslims & end up working for Fox like Juan Williams #ftrs #tcot

Study: health risks from staying calm in stressful times. Watching Dems react to tax deal, those guys'll probably live forever. #ftrs #tcot

   Dem Sen Kerry: "do our jobs" & ratify START. Sounds kinda cranky. Probably because doing it costs less than a trillion dollars. #ftrs #tcot

Biden:election message was Americans want "compromise". No, message was "you stop spending, & we'll put down the tar & feathers" #ftrs #tcot

FCC votes itself power to regulate internet. Ya know, usually a power grab this blatant requires pulling a sword out of a stone. #ftrs #tcot

Napolitano: DHS protects US "24/7, 364 days a year". Obama clarifies: the protection does include all 57 states. #ftrs #tcot

GOP Sen Coburn: country in for "apocalyptic pain" if spending not cut. Obama's plan: borrow a bunch of aspirin from China. #ftrs #tcot

   Napolitano: DNI Clapper didn't "need to know" about London terror arrests. Right. The important thing is that Diane Sawyer knew. #ftrs #tcot

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