Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas for the Girl that Has it All

Aah, just one more way Planned Parenthood is celebrating the "holiday" season.  For the small small fee of $24 you can get a package of four online at website with names like: Opening Ceremony, Sexcusemio, condomcountry, and my personal favorite; Babeland.  I do think that teaching responsibility is important, but this isn't about being responsible, it is about glamorizing promiscuity.  Merry Christmas to you to!!!

Old stereotypes about who should buy condoms are so last season! PROPER ATTIRE® condoms are the "must-have" accessory and were designed with stylish women in mind.

The fashionably chic PROPER ATTIRE design helps ensure that now you can feel completely comfortable buying condoms and carrying them with you. With fifteen glamorous styles — Basic (regular); Color (colored); Dots (studded); XL (extra large); PROPER ATTIRE by Yigal Azrouël Sheer (ultra thin), PROPER ATTIRE by Alexander Wang Assorted (extra large, ultra thin and studded), Brian Reyes for PROPER ATTIRE Sheer (ultra thin), Keith Haring for PROPER ATTIRE Sheer (ultra thin), Opening Ceremony for PROPER ATTIRE (regular), Jeremy Scott for PROPER ATTIRE Sheer (ultra thin), Jeremy Scott for PROPER ATTIRE Dots (studded), Jeremy Scott for PROPER ATTIRE Ribbed (ribbed), Charlotte Ronson for Proper Attire Basic (regular), Charlotte Ronson for Proper Attire Color (colored) and Charlotte Ronson for Proper Attire Sheer (ultra thin) — PROPER ATTIRE condoms are a safe yet fun way to protect yourself and your partner and do it with style!

Not only are you protecting your health by buying PROPER ATTIRE condoms, you are also supporting a great cause. Proceeds from the sale of PROPER ATTIRE condoms will benefit Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Reliable and effective, PROPER ATTIRE condoms not only are FDA-tested, but they undergo rigorous quality assurance testing by the manufacturer as well as by independent laboratories. With PROPER ATTIRE, insist on a dress code; it is required for entry
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