Sunday, December 26, 2010

Just some Random New Years Thoughts

I don't know about anyone else, but this time of year is a time of reflection for me.  We are living in interesting times.  Our country is experiencing major changes and is at a crossroads.  People are losing their homes.  Some of these people never should have gotten the mortgage because they couldn't afford it, but it doesn't change the disruption of their lives and well being.  Many are still out of work and having very serious financial problems. 

We just witnessed a watershed election that has historical significance to it.  We are asking our government officials to the job that they are supposed to do instead of what they decide they want to do.  Trust has been broken. 

There is fear that the U.S. is going bankrupt and we will lose our way of life in this country.  We are afraid of the type of country we are leaving for our children and their ability to reach their "American Dream". 

I have developed some very serious health issues and as such I have become even more introspective than usual. 

I hope for all that are going through issues right now no matter how big or small have found one safe place.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

I am sorry to hear of your health issues and pray you get through them and soon.

As to the rest, well I find looking forward to be a more positive attitude than reflection.

We have mirrors for reflection and even those images are but a miniscule moment in time and disappear.

Quite Rightly said...

Very sorry to hear you have health worries. I hope (and will pray) that your healing comes soon.

A beautiful song. . .

Just a conservative girl said...

I thank you both for your good wishes and prayers.

It isn't quite that simple in this case, but I do appreciate it anyway.

I do love this song. Marc Cohen is very talented.

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