Friday, December 31, 2010

Does the Left Really Fear Sarah Palin?

I hear over and over again how much the left fears Sarah Palin and are terrified that she will become the nominee for president in the next election.  I have never really believed that.  I agree that they have a hatred of her that borders on the obsessive, but I don't believe that it comes from fear.  It is more like an irrational hatred based on her conservative views. 

It seems that at least of some of the left is not fearing her, they are actually foaming at the mouth for her to get the nomination.  Some have gone as far as to set up a website Primaries for Palin.  The goal is to get democrats to vote in the upcoming republican primaries to ensure that Palin will be the republican nominee.  Just in the past few days they have added a facebook page and twitter account to help spread the word. 

The website also has a section of the voting rules broken out by states as some states require you to be a registered republican in order to participate in the republican primary.  For those states they give notes on how to change registration.  They have created a logo of sorts with some lipstick with the caption nominate the unelectable in pink. 

Their mission statement is as follows: aims to nominate Sarah Palin as the Republican presidential candidate by encouraging Democrats and Independents to purposefully vote for her in state primaries. In head-to-head polls with President Barack Obama, Palin consistently fares worse than other possible Republican candidates because of her divisiveness. If Palin is nominated, Obama has a much better chance of winning reelection in November 2012.

They also have some of the latest polls that show that Palin trails behind President Obama in a head to head competition.  Of course polls at this point mean nothing as it is too far off for these polls to mean anything.  But, they certainly have many of them.  Many more than I realized that were even taken. 

I wish I could say I was surprised by this.  Although, they have not seemed to picked up much steam at this point, they have 54 followers on Facebook and a mere 29 followers on Twitter.  It will be interesting to watch if this starts to catch on as the primary process progresses. 


LL said...

Liberal women REALLY hate Sarah Palin. And I personally don't know if they fear her or simply loathe her.

I'm not a conservative who feels that she's ready to be president, but I admire her.

Deekaman said...

Palin is attempting to remake herself as Reagan did in the 70's. I do not know if this will work, but I think she can beat Obama with a coherent fiscally conservative message. She is only "divisive" because the Left says she is. They fear her and anyone on the Right who shows any kind of leadership (look what they did to Bush post 9-11. They are also trying to do it to Reince Priebus).

Is she ready to be President? No less so than the current occupant of the White House. For that matter, is anyone really "ready" to be President?

Anonymous said...

Let's hope they are too lazy or stupid to make an impact. The last time the last time we were stuck with McCain.

Just a conservative girl said...

I tend to agree with LL and do not think she electable. As a person who thinks that I know for fact she is divisive, even on the right. I have been repeatedly attacked for my view of on her.

I also don't think that the bar should be set at she is just as ready as Obama. While it is true that no one is every fully prepared for that job, but there are many that are not prepared at all. Obama being the latter. I think we need to do beter than that.

Deekaman said...

I do not disagree on her readiness to be President. Her divisiveness is generally between old school GOP and TEA Partiers. I tend to be in the group that is sitting back and watching.

Teresa said...

I think some liberals just hate her simply because of her conservative views and others both hate and fear her.
Personally, I think that she is more qualified than Obama. She has run more things than Obama. She may not be as articulate as some but that does not mean she isn't intelligent. GOP insiders or elites don't like her mostly because they don't want Palin upsetting the apple cart. That is why some Washington insiders don't like the Tea Party.

There are others I would like to see as candidates but I do like Palin also.

Deekaman said...

Teresa: I agree. I believe though that she is as articulate as anyone out there. She makes her point and does it without a teleprompter. That tells me she speaks from her heart.

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