Monday, December 27, 2010

MTV's No Easy Decision

MTV will be airing a docudrama No Easy Decision on December 28th. It follows the story of a teenage mother who finds herself pregnant yet again. She must decide between giving birth or having an abortion. The girl on the show was a cast member of their hit show 16 and pregnant. There are some polls that have shown that the show 16 and pregnant has had some positive effects for young girls who are deciding about becoming sexually active. The real world of becoming a teenage mom meets reality television as it were.

The producers of the show are saying that they will be giving both sides of the story. But will they? I don't really know all the details of the young woman who is showcased, but we will be hearing from women who have had abortions in their youth and regret the decision? Will we see any of the guilt that is part and parcel of the act of ending the life of your unborn child?

While I do try to see both sides of issues, I somehow doubt that they will be showing the downsides to making this "choice". As a woman who really wanted a house filled with babies only to find out that was not what was in the cards, it pains me to see how our society is turning an abortion into "reality" tv propaganda.

I personally do not believe that making abortion illegal is the answer. Sadly, abortion existed before Roe V. Wade and it would continue if it were to be overturned. The numbers may very well decrease, but the issues of abortion will only be solved by promoting a culture of life. Something that our society is sorely lacking.

That is something that can be hard to deny by the fact that this young woman is still early in her life and finds herself pregnant for a second time. She has a young child already yet she is still engaging in the same behavior that got her into trouble in the first place. Yes, I say trouble because she is obviously not mature enough to take the proper precautions and accept that her actions have consequences. A lesson that one would think that she learned during child-birth or maybe at one of those two am feedings.

The left has made much hay about Bristol Palin talking publicly about abstinence when she became an unwed teenage mom, but it would seem to me that she has learned a thing or two, something that Markai obviously did not.

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Anonymous said...

I think the most practical solution to the abortion issue is to allow the states to decide.

hometown guy said...

i say go one step further in that direction - let the individual decide.

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