Thursday, December 30, 2010

Liberal Logic at Its Finest

Give it Back for Jobs is website that has been set up by some progressive liberals who are upset that President Obama did not get tax rates to go up on the "rich". The website gives you a calculator for you to figure out what your taxes would have been had the tax rates gone up, you then make a charitable donation in order to help the middle class. They have chosen four charities:

Habitat for Humanity

The Salvation Army

Children's Aid Society

Nurse Family Partnership

All of which are very reputable charities that do good work. I personally give to two of these each year. (without even being prodded, imagine that). It is a wonderful thing that they are trying to raise money for charity. But, one of the things that I find so amusing about this their website talks about helping the middle class. If you are in the middle class, Habitat for Humanity will not be building you a home. That is done for people who fall into the lower-income levels, as it should be. What exactly is their definition of the middle class?

James Taranto of The Wall Street Journal also points out some of the comedy of this exercise. One of the most obvious is that there is no way to know what your adjusted gross income for 2011 will be. You actually have to do your taxes for that information and there are many variables that could potentially change it. Another being that they tell you that the charitable donation is tax-deductible.

But the most obvious comedy of this is that progressives are outright admitting that private charities do a better job at helping the needy then the government ever can or will do. I have not only given money to Habitat to Humanity, I also have painted houses. What that family gets is beautiful housing, much better than any government funding housing for the needy. A home of their own, a little yard for children to have a safe place to play in. It may be small in some cases, but it is yours. From what I have seen of government housing, that isn't what you get, nor are you living in an neigborhood that is safe for your kids.

Ok, how much longer will take for them to realize that if you keep taxes lower people are able to use their money to help the less fortunate? Why do they want us to keep giving money to government that is full of fraud and inefficiencies? It boggles the mind. My real question is why don't they have the address to send the money to the treasury? Nothing is stopping someone from giving the government more money. Here is some info on how to do it. (It is called Financial Management Services, an oxymoron if I have heard one) You don't have to take advantage of the write-offs, as they obviously plan on doing. Truly, it is comical.

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The_Kid said...

Great points all. Plus, why to liberals want to take from the 'rich' to give to the poor. Why not help the 'poor' get their own. Teach them to fish as it were.

When you reward something you get more of it, which is why we have more 'poor' than than we did when the 'war on poverty' started.

Just a conservative girl said...

Sadly, at least part of the reason is that they truly believe that people can't do it for themselves.

I once accepted this job at a progressive fundraising firm. I stupidly thought I could just put my head down and do my job. When I quit the managing partner came and spoke to me. I had just gotten over some serious issues in my life and we were talking about them. He said that I was lucky that I was so strong. I asked him what else was I supposed to do. You pick yourself up and you move on. He told me that not everyone can. He isn't a bad guy, actually a very nice one. He just believes that people can't do for themselves.

The_Kid said...

It seems liberals need to believe in "victims". I have a lot of varied thoughts on why that is that and will put them down sometime.

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