Thursday, December 2, 2010

Funniest Line of the Day - The Delusional President Obama

The body of Mr. Obama’s writing and experiences before he became a presidential candidate would suggest that he is instinctively pragmatic, typical of an emerging generation that sees all political dogma — be it ’60s liberalism or ’80s conservatism — as anachronistic. Privately, Mr. Obama has described himself, at times, as essentially a Blue Dog Democrat, referring to the shrinking caucus of fiscally conservative members of the party.
Matt Bei New York Times

I don't even know where to begin with this statement.  President Obama thinks he is blue dog?   What writings is he referring to?  While at Harvard Law he didn't publish one single paper, even though he was editor of the law review.  I suppose he is referring to his two autobiographies.  Now, I can't honestly say that I read both, but I did read one of them.  I didn't find anything in "Dreams From My Father" that would qualify him as a blue dog.  Which is really besides the point, one needs to look no further than his voting record to see that their is nothing in his political life to suggest that he is anything other than a progressive who tries to pass himself off as only a tax and spend liberal. 

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