Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The 111th Congress Final Piece of History

The lowest job approval rating in the history of the poll.  They got a full 13%.  Even the Los Angeles Times is asking how it is that high.  The respondents who label themselves as democrats are the most approving (shocker) but even that is only at 16%. 

Who exactly are these people and why haven't they taken their meds? 

They are in the final phase of the destruction of America with a pork laden omnibus bill that has thousands of earmarks.  This is a bill that needs to be done due to the fact that the government has no funding after Saturday.  So, as usual, congress waits until the very last minute to pass important and necessary legislation and then puts all their own pet projects in it. 

I see that the ghost of John Murtha is alive and well and still funding the airport built for one.  Yes, we are still paying for the airport that virtually no one uses.  Why?  Seriously what could be the justification for this?  Heaven only knows what else one might find in there. 

We have people who were voted out lining their districts/states with tax payer funds that other members are completely unaware of.  One final slap in the face to the voters that kicked their pork laden butts to the curb. 

Is is any wonder that people of this country can't stand them? 

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