Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Rude Awakening of Eric Holder

Eric Holder gave an interview to ABC news about homegrown terrorism.  To me this was eye-opening, not so much for what he said, because the threat to our homeland is real.  What is interesting to me is that he admits it at all. 

Before Holder became AG he worked at a firm that went out of its way to help free enemy combatants at Gitmo.  This must have been a rude awakening for Mr. Holder.  So many on the left refuse to believe that we are not only in danger, but they have no low.  The Bush administration was doing what it felt was necessary in order to the keep the American public safe. 

One of the many ironies of the left is the outrage of the Patriot Act.  The left was screaming that Bush was trampling all over the constitution and violating the human rights of all Muslims.  The Patriot Act came up for renewal and no changes were made.  While I am no fan of the Patriot Act, I realize that there are ways we can protect ourselves and still safeguard our liberties.  I guess even Holder has learned that you can say anything while campaigning, but when you are sitting in the chair and making the decisions after looking at all the intelligence it is quite a different story. 

The left can continue its ridiculous claim that these people are being entrapped, but the reality remains if someone came up to me and talked to me about setting off a bomb, I would not be going along with it, I would be calling the police.  Anyone that is willing to go that far into the plan is not being entrapped, they are being evil. 


Deekaman said...

At no point does anyone in this clip use the words "Islam", "Muslim" or similar.

Just a conservative girl said...

And that shocks you because?

Deekaman said...

I wish I could say I was shocked.

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