Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Profile on the Rise - Mike Pence

Congressman Mike Pence's profile has been raised of late.  He recently made an address on economic issues in Detroit that will get him more well known outside of the beltway circles.  Pence is well known to anyone who follows politics, at least on the conservative side.  The tea party admires him for his voting record, a record that shows him to be a staunch conservative. 

"I choose a boundless American future built on the timeless ideals of the American people. I believe the American people are ready for this choice and await men and women who will lead us back to that future, back to the West, back to American exceptionalism."
What the future holds for Pence is a little unclear at the moment.  Until very recently, Pence has said that he had no interest in the presidency.  That tune has changed in the past few months.  He recently gave up his leadership position, something that was done for a reason.  There are some that believe he is looking to run for the governorship in Indiana; Tammy Bruce among them.  One of his more recent statements on the presidency is that he won't be making a decision until next year.  Next year is now only a few weeks away. 

I have recently read three articles on what Pence has to offer:

Pence is still relatively unknown to the general public.  While in some ways that is a negative, but just ask yourselves how many knew Barack Obama's name four years ago?  This will hinder him in raising money at the beginning of the primary cycle, it also means that he is a blank slate with very few negatives in the mind of the voting public. 

Historically, members of the house don't get elected.  But, historically we also don't elect someone who didn't even serve on full term in the senate either.  On paper Obama's candidacy seemed very silly at the beginning and served no other purpose than to shift Hillary more to the left during the primary.  Yet, we have President Obama. 

Pence is very popular among Tea Party members yet still has favorables within the GOP "establishment".  While that is considered a dirty word within tea party circles, the establishment still has power and creditability among many primary and general election voters. 

I had the privilege of hearing the congressman speak in person last year at CPAC.  His speaking slot wasn't a desirable one so the room was about half empty.  A real shame for those that missed it.  I also have met him at a tea party event.  Pence has a folksy type of charm that makes him seem likeable and guy you could easily sit down over a glass of wine and have a conversation with.  The reality is that much of presidential politics is about personality.  The voters want to be comfortable with the person who is guiding this country.  We want to feel that we will be well represented on the world stage and like the guy that is being beamed into our living rooms during trying times.  We are living in trying times. 

"To restore American exceptionalism, we must end all this Keynesian spending and get back to the practice of free market economics," Pence told the audience. "The freedom to succeed must include the freedom to fail. The free market is what made America's economy the greatest in the world, and we cannot falter in our willingness to defend it."
Unlike many others who are considered to be front runners in the race for the republican nomination, Pence has actual policy ideas to discuss instead of just being against Obama.  What the voting public is looking for are policies that will lift this great country of ours out of the mess that we have come to recognize is here.  We have kicked the can down the road for too long and it has caught up with us.  We can no longer keep up the borrowing with no end in sight.  We must actually address the spending or we too will be having riots in the streets like is happening across Europe.  It can happen here and it will unless we start to address our debt. 

Pence has the ability to get both the grassroots and the establishment on the same page.  One of the few GOP contenders that does.  Without both of these factions coming together Obama may just well get reelected. 

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Teresa said...

More good news about Mike Pence. How wonderful! He seems to have the charisma and credentials needed to beat Obama in 2012.

Clifton B said...

Sarah Palin has said repeatedly that if another strong conservative was to toss their hat into the ring she would not run, instead she would back that candidate. Perhaps if Pence were to announce he is running before Palin, Palin would back him. If so his name recognition problem would be solved over night.

However, there still remains the question of can he stand up to the Palin Treatment? Whomever the 2012 GOP nominee is had better be able to withstand the same onslaught Palin took these past two years because the exact same thing is going to happen to them.

My advice is for conservatives to start looking at how these candidates handled wild libs in the past. This video of Mitt and a marijuana patient is a prime example of what will not do.

Just a conservative girl said...

Well, Romney is an idiot.

Palin would be going back on her word if Pence gets into the race. I also don't think his low profile will be that much of a problem for the primary. Both the grassroots and the "elite" both know who he is, and they are the bulk of the primary voters. It is the general election that he will need to up his profile and a competitive primary will take care of that. I think the big issue for Pence will be if Daniels decides to run, I don't see him running if Daniels gets into the race. But Daniels has repeatedly said that he won't run. We will all see in the next few months. They will need to file for an exploratory committee.

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