Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reader Question and Response - Yes, He is a Liberal

I got this sent to me the other day:

Fans of Herman Cain insist that the sexual harassment charges against him are part of a Democratic conspiracy. Well, Cain’s payouts to the victims are a matter of record. So what are we supposed to believe?  That these women knew ten years ago that Herman Cain was going to run for President and conspired to smear him? Not likely. So why are conservatives so angry at these women? Perhaps they honestly believe that a successful businessman has every right to feel up his female associates, and victims have an obligation to keep quiet.
Permission granted to publish this.

My response:

I think you missed this post.  http://912member.blogspot.com/2011/11/yes-rush-went-there.html  I don't think a woman who is truly harassed at work should be quiet.  Nor do I think that every woman who makes a claim is telling the truth.  I happen to have lived through two harassment claims during my career.  Both were bogus.  One, the company paid out because it was cheaper and it was better to just get rid of her.  The other, she asked me to testify on her behalf and I declined because her claims were not true, to the point that she even asked the NAACP to help her (she happened to be black) and they refused and said she had no case.  The company fought it and won.  It cost them a fortune.  The laws are very vague and make it far too easy for people to get an easy payout.  Women who make false claims should be ashamed, because all they are doing is making it harder for women (and men) who are truly harassed to be believed.  

So let me ask you, did you give Paula Jones and Juanita Broderick the same consideration?    If memory serves the press and the left went after them pretty hard and in a disgusting and demeaning fashion.  

There is nothing that some on the right are doing that wouldn't be done by some on the left if the situation were reversed.  How many on the left said that Weiner being a cyber flasher didn't matter?  

Also you must have missed the post I did saying that Cain is not capable of being president.  I did that long before any of these claims came to light.  

I got no response.  

I forget to mention that I firmly believe this whole thing started on the right and not the left. Gov. Perry is my main suspect, but I also think that Romney is just as capable.  I blogged about that as well at the time.  


The Griper said...

the only question i may have in regards to this issue is the timing of the charges against Cain.

the fact that were not made until he became a viable candidate suggest the possibility if not the probability of a political ulterior motive.

Rational Nation USA said...

Excellent, and very cogent post.

Funny how the same shoe can and does fit the "other" foot at times.

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