Sunday, November 27, 2011

Some Questions that I Wish Liberals Would Answer Honestly

I have some questions that I really would like someone on the left to answer honestly.  I don't want to hear things thrown back about conservatives, just honest answers.  

  1. Progressives, women especially, talk about having safe and affordable access to birth control and reproductive rights.  This is one of the talking points used when discussing tax payer funding of Planned Parenthood.  My question is why have so many objections been raised when states, such as Virginia, are trying to pass laws that would require Planned Parenthood to have the same medical standards as a hospital?  If it is truly about "safe" then shouldn't they be the first in line to demand that the environment be as safe and sterile as a hospital must be?  Or do they prefer that women end up in a Kermit Gosnell's House of Horrors?  
  2. Why can't black people be republicans or conservatives?  No one with an ounce of honesty can say that the left thinks it is OK.  While I am sure that some could care less, but the over the top rhetoric about race traitors, Oreos, Uncle Tom, images and talk are everywhere when come to a black person that happens to believe in limited government.  Michael Eric Dyson was challenged about it today and refused to answer the question and then went on to talk about how Herman Cain is racist.  
  3. If the goal is to make abortion safe and rare, why do they oppose laws that will give the mom to be a waiting period to think it over or to have an ultrasound so she can she for herself what she is about to kill?  
  4. Why are people on the far left trying to normalize sex with children?  
  5. If homosexuality is something that you are born with and cannot be changed, why isn't pedophilia?  
  6. Where is the scientific proof that homosexuality is genetic?  Because there are cases of identical twins being of different orientations.  How can it be genetic if this is true?  
  7. Why is widely believed that homeschooled children are somehow less educated than their public school peers?  
  8. Why do liberals always bring up Hispanics when the conversation turns to illegal immigration?  Don't they realize that illegal immigrants come from all over the world and are not all Hispanic?  The vast majority of illegal immigrants that I have known in my lifetime have been from the UK (many nannies where I grew up). I want them to get legal status and start paying taxes too.  
  9. How does having a Christmas tree in a town square force someone to be Christian?  
  10. What other holiday uses an evergreen tree?  
  11. Why am I less a woman because I am not a liberal?  
  12. Why don't feminists speak out more about the mistreatment of women in Islamic countries?  Where are they about this woman who is a rape victim who is currently in jail and upon her release will be forced to marry her rapist?  Are they really that afraid to say anything negative about Islam?  If so, why?  


Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Excellent questions all. I can add one:

When we see Social Democracies failing all around and no one can point to a case of Socialism actually working, why do Democrats want to take the bullet train to more socialistic policies?

I can add more, but it's not my blog.


Just a conservative girl said...

Add away Deek. You are one of my favorite commenters. Especially since you and I don't always agree but can remain friendly and just have an honest debate without name calling.

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Since you asked:

Why is industry research automatically suspect, while government-sponsored research is not?

Why were wars bad when Bush was President, but not while Obama is? GITMO remains open.

Why do Democrats believe more government is the answer when they are unable to point to an historical confirmation that this actually worked....anywhere.

I'm sure there are more.

Jenny said...

Interesting point about the illegal alien issue, although I think that's something that few people (not just political liberals) tend to not think about. It might have something to do with the fact that people would like to believe that sex trafficking and slavery aren't real problems.

Opus #6 said...

I'd like to know why liberal talk about the importance of women's choice. Choice would be an appropriate word if they respected the choice all women make. Yet they don't. Look at how they castigated Sarah Palin for choosing life for Trig, her boy with Down Syndrome. I have a friend who became pregnant out of wedlock a number of years ago, and well over half her friends and relatives counseled her to abort, even though she never considered it. Maybe counseled is too mild a word. Browbeat more directly describes it. People pursue an abortion agenda with a single-mindedness that would take your breath away, if you found yourself a single mother.

Why is that. Why do liberals not support a choice for life as well as a choice for abortion. Where are the LIBERAL pregnancy care clinics to help women who choose life. Shouldn't liberals support that choice, too, if they claim to be about "choice"?

Nadz said...

1. When people talk about "safe" in the context of abortion, they are usually comparing the grave hazard of an illegal coathanger abortion versus a safe, legal abortion by a trained professional at a clinic. Your question changes the context and then asks, rhetorically, why the answer is different. The answer is different simply because a clinic is not a hospital. These different places could reasonably be expected to have different operating standards without compromising safety.

2. Black people can certainly be republican or conservative. I honestly
think it's OK. That said, if you want to have a viable black conservative win the nomination for POTUS, you'll need to find somebody with more statesmanship and mental focus than Mr Cain.

3. It isn't obvious that this is "the goal" or that the policy you suggest achieves that goal, but I'm wondering why you think it's the government's job to intercede in the the decisions made by free people in consultation with their medical professionals? As a conservative, don't you believe in less government?

4. Gotcha question. Pleeeeeze! Equivalent one: why are right wingers racists? Oh, and by the way, are you still a prostitute?

5. I think pedophilia probably *is* something you are born with. Why don't you?

6. Did you know that identical twins have different fingerprints? And yet fingerprints are something you are born with and can't be changed. I'm happy to argue science with you, but you'll need to do some homework before we can have a useful discussion.

7. I don't believe this myself. All the home schooled kids I've known have been very well educated. That said, I'm not sure I'm qualified to judge, although this indeed may be false. Lots of false things are "widely believed". Wikipedia has a great page about "common misconceptions".

8. Because, despite your anecdotal data, merely 6% of illegal immigrants are from Europe. Three quarters of illegals are from Mexico, Central, and South America.

9. It doesn't. It just forces us to help fund Christianity.

10. Dunno. Druid ones?

11. Err… stumped me again.

12. Probably because they believe they already speak out enough. This is a popular topic amongst women's groups. You should get out more.

PS: The OpenID support here is broken.


Just a conservative girl said...

How does a Christmas tree in a town square force you to "fund" Christianity? You would have to be giving money to the churches in order to be "funding". All it forces you to fund is the cost of the tree. I know athiests who celebrate Christmas in a secular fashion, and that includes trees.

#4 is not a gotcha question. People on the far left are trying to normalize pedophilia. I don't think it it is the run of the mill democrat or liberal, but parts of the far left. We have judges that let these monsters go, we have people in CA who think that letting them live by schools is acceptable. those are facts, you can deny them, but it doesn't change it.

You don't think it is the job of the government to try and protect life? That should be the very least that they do. The point being that young women are being lied to when they are told that a fetus is nothing more than a bunch of cells, by the time that they find out they are pregnant and decide to have an abortion, that child has a heartbeat. We should be telling them the truth so they make an informed decision. If they still choose to go ahead with it, that is up to them. I don't believe that abortion should be illegal, but the safe and rare line is a lie and it should be exposed as such.

Do you really think that is the reason that the media always brings up Hispanics? You don't think it is a way for them to continue the falsehood Republican = Racism?

Do you have any idea how condescending your answer to #2 sounded? It is OK that they are black? Really? Also, that doesn't answer the question of why they are so demonized by the left. Don't even try to say they are not. I can give example after example of how they are. The general theme republicans are racist, if a person of color is a republican they are a race traitor so republicans are still racist. When the reality is that the people who are saying that give the people of color zero credit and can't begin to comprehend that they think for themselves. A truly racist and revolting thought process.

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

In response to Nadz:

#1 Nadz dodges the question by essentially saying,"Hey,it's better than really bad."

#2 He fails to recognize that the media and the Left were after Cain even before he started. As they do with anyone who is "off the plantation".

#3 There is a "person" in the whole abortion equation who has no say and relies on the mother to make a sound decision, not one based on spur of the moment and strictly on emotion.

#4 Needs no comment from me.

#5 Wow...Just wow.

#6 The statement is not they are or are not, but why both sides of the research are not publicized by the media. Right up there with the (lack of honest) Global Disruption (yeah, that's the one this week) debate.

#7 Meh

#8 Liberals are indeed the racists because they work to convince minorities that they cannot make it without the government. I assure you that in my lifetime I have seen a thriving Black business culture destroyed by government. Not white Conservatives.

#9 Lost me on that one. Probably because Liberals are much smarter, so he slid that one in.

#10 again...meh

#11 It really is shocking that a "smart" liberal (I know that's redundant because they all consider themselves smarter than any Conservative) would not have an answer on that.

#12 It may be something talked about in Liberal women's groups, but I don't see them in the streets over it. I suspect it's just talk. At least I see Conservative women doing something about it.

But then Liberalism is all about talking about stuff to feel good. It's not about making the hard choices. It's not about being responsible for one's own actions. It's not even about holding others accountable (well, other Liberals anyway). Because none of that would "feel good". Envy feels good. Liberals preach it. Giving away OPM feels good. No sacrifice, just OPM. "Saving the Planet" feels good. It doesn't actually do anything, but it feels good. Being against war feels good. It doesn't help anything, but it feels good.


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