Saturday, August 7, 2010

Murder and Victimhood in Manchester, CT

Omar Thornton walked into his workplace a few days ago and killed eight people and then himself.  Before turning the gun on himself he made a call to 9-1-1 and calmly explained his actions:

"They're treating me bad over here. And treat all other black employees bad over here, too," Thornton explained in a measured tone. "So I took it to my own hands and handled the problem. I wish I could have got more of the people."

He says he was victim of racial discrimination.  He and his union official were there to attend a meeting with his employer to be fired.  The company had video of him stealing beer to re-sell it. 

The beer distributor that he worked for says that they have no record of any racial discrimination claims made by him.  Having grown up in CT, I can tell you without hesitation it is very difficult to legally fire someone in that state.  The laws are all on the side of the employee, even without you being in an union.  The fact that his meeting also included his union official would make it even harder to fire him.  So, for it to reach this point, you can bet dollars to doughnuts that they had the goods to make a legal firing.  Another arrest has been made of an accomplice of the theft.  Another employee is also being investigated. 

What is one of the more disturbing parts of the aftermath of this story is the fact that his family is still hanging onto the race angel in this story.  They are trying to turn him into some sort of martyr for the cause of racism.  It would seem they have no concept of the fact that not only are innocent people dead, the families of the dead no longer have their loved ones. 

I have said many times before that racism still exists in our country, but the reality is the majority of people in this country want to get past it.  The current environment it has become increasingly difficult to do so.  Racism charges are all over the news.

Maxine Waters first line of defense is to cry racism.  Charlie Rangle is not far behind.  Waters has been the list of most corrupt politicians on and off for many years now.  Her husband sat on the board of a bank that received bailout funds after her using her power and influence to get a meeting for a bank that otherwise would not qualify.  She personally profited from this transaction.  That has nothing to do with the color of her skin, but the content of her lack of character.  Rangel uses much needed rent controlled living space for himself and his local offices.  A violation of his lease, and a slap in the face to the poor people that he represents.  He can't be doing all that badly if he makes 175K a year, has brownstone in Manhattan, and a condo in the Caribbean.  Again, this is not about his skin color it is about him using his power and influence in ways that he shouldn't be while the rest of us get screwed. 

There are real dangers to flaunting the race card.  Didn't President Clinton recently say that creating an atmosphere that allows individuals to think acting out in a violent way is an inevitable outcome to all the negative messaging that is being thrown out in the media.  I realize he was talking about "tea baggers", but isn't it the same thing? 

Thornton most obviously had problems.  Rational people don't bring shotguns to a work meeting.  The media of course isn't making this connection.  Shocker!  But this needs to be brought up.  His family almost sounds like they are justifying his behavior. 

For the sake of argument, lets suppose his boss was a racist.  Is a shotgun the way to solve that problem?  There are laws in place to handle these type of situations.  Without having much information on the company's workplace environment (No complaints recorded as far back as 2001) a final conclusion cannot be made.  But what we do know is that he viewed himself as a victim. 

That is what playing the race does, it turns you into a victim.  The constant messages that we are hearing about race of late only intensifies that.  Tea party people dislike Obama's skin color, it has nothing to do with fiscal conservatives being against the tax and spend policies that this administration is pursuing.  A typical view of Obama and black people being the victims, that people like Sharpton and the raaacism complex keep putting out there. 

These messages are also coming from high levels within our government, and they need to stop.  AG Holder said we are nation of cowards when it comes to race relations.  Well, Mr. Attorney General put your money where your mouth is and come out against the false charges of racism that are being bandied about.  These are very serious charges that have real legal consequences.  They are also charges that continue the narrative that people of color are victims; when what they are is Americans. 

The charges have been levied so often since Obama has taken office that they virtually lost all meaning.  That is except for those 8 families of the dead. 

For those that have come over from that filthy racist site, please just go away.  You are not welcome here.  I don't like false claims of racism, but what I hate even more is real racism.  


Anonymous said...

Perceived 'racism' is this country's number one problem.
The first black president has made millions feel entitled beyond all rational standards.

Just a conservative girl said...

the feelings of entitlement in this country existed long before Obama and will exist long after.

To say that "perceived" racism is the cause of the entitlement class in this country is ignorant. The people who feel entitled come from all across the color bar. The problems go far deeper than that.

But someone who reads the website that you most likely got here from only see color, so that truth is beyond your comprehension.

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